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First Convention Interview with Wyatt and DJ

First Convention Interview with Wyatt and DJ

-Written by: Right Stuf

Our 2021 NebrasKon Booth!

Every year our team goes to Anime conventions throughout the Midwest to showcase and sell product. Our employees volunteer to help man the booths during these conventions. Two of our warehouse employees recently attended their first convention with Right Stuf. Wyatt worked at the 2021 NebrasKon booth and DJ worked at the 2021 Naka-Kon booth.

Have you been to an anime convention before?

Wyatt: Yeah, I have recently. I’ve been to NebrasKon a few times, but this October I came there to actually work at the booth.

DJ: I hadn’t been to any conventions. Naka-Kon in September was my first one ever.

What were you looking forward to most about going to NebrasKon?

Wyatt: Just kind of mainly the booths, the vendor alleys, just seeing what people are selling. They are always selling so much cool stuff.

DJ: I was kind of looking forward to the cosplays actually, what people can do.

What was your experience like working at NebrasKon?

Wyatt: I thought it was going to be pretty hectic with so much going on. But everybody was alright. They were good, and there were no complications. Everybody was level-headed and no arguing, it was pretty peaceful.

DJ: Everything was chill. Only bad thing was when we had our panel the day I was working the booth. Right after, we got flooded with people.

What would you say was your favorite thing you got to do?

Wyatt: Honestly, probably working at the 18+ booth. It was like, you know, you sell all these adult materials and wonder who’s going to come in.

DJ: Walk around and seeing all the booths.

Did you get to go to any panels?

Wyatt: Unfortunately, no I didn’t go to any panels. I mainly spent my time in artists' galleries and seeing what they had to sell.

DJ: I went to Thomas’ panel. His gameshow about music.

What were your biggest takeaways?

Wyatt: My biggest takeaway is well, again, this was my first time working and I had a lot of expectations about how we were going to be so busy, running back and forth doing all this stuff. But overall, it was pretty organized, pretty well-planned out so we didn’t have any emergencies at all. My takeaway is being well-prepared for conventions will lead to a pretty excellent experience.

DJ: The setting up and taking down of booths.

Did you get to meet any voice actors or other famous people?

Wyatt: I actually did get an autograph with SungWon Cho, he goes by ProZD on YouTube. He was really nice. I even brought up one of his not so well-known works, and he was pleasantly surprised I knew that.

DJ: I didn’t, no.

Tell us your favorite interaction with a customer?

Wyatt: Okay, there was this one guy who wasn’t in cosplay, he was a big muscular guy that you wouldn’t expect to see at an anime convention. He looked at the 18+ booth and said, “I got to know what this is all about.” When he entered the booth, the first thing he said was, “This was an excellent choice.” He said it pretty loudly too, like a victory cry. It was pretty funny.

DJ: There was a guy dressed as Kakashi and he came back very often. Every time he came back he bought something.

Favorite cosplay you saw?

Wyatt: Ah man, there was a lot. They do a lot of Genshin Impact characters, they’re pretty elaborate. It was interesting seeing those.

DJ: There was a girl dressed up as a chain chomp princess. She had like two chain chomps on her fists and like one on her head. There was also one dressed as Tanjiro’s sword maker.

Did you try any of the con food?

Wyatt: I did get some Japanese snacks like melon bread, that was pretty good. I got the red bean mochi and this drink, I can’t remember, it was pretty fruity but not ramune.

DJ: There was a booth selling snacks and stuff, I tried someone else’s cake, but couldn’t get any later.

Would you go again? Why?

Wyatt: Yes, I would! Now knowing what I know now, I know my expectations. I would go again, and even though it was work – it was really fun.

DJ: Of course, sharing movies and books, such a great time.

Wyatt and DJ had fantastic experiences at NebrasKon and Naka-Kon and we hope you enjoyed reading their interview. If you go to an anime convention that Right Stuf is at, make sure to stop by and meet our fantastic employees!

Our 2021 Naka-Kon Booth!

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