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Fire Force Manga Omnibus Volume 1 Review (By You!)

Fire Force Manga Omnibus Volume 1 Review (By You!)

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime | January 2023

Every quarter we are running a Manga Review Contest where you can submit a review from a selected list of manga. If you want to participate or learn more, click the link. Continue on to see what fellow customers thought about Fire Force Manga Omnibus Volume 1.

This review is written by Theodore

Omnibuses are a great deal for those who love reading manga series on the cheaper side. Fire Force is a typical shonen manga following a world revolving around fire and mystery. Dive into the mystery with Shinra, a member of the Fire Force, as he and his friends/co–workers uncover the mystery behind the fiery powers and infernos appearing in Tokyo. The reader is introduced to limitless characters, all with vastly different powers and abilities centered around the mystery of fire. Politics, religion, and morality are all subtle themes behind the story, as Shinra must pick and choose friends and allies in a divided world.

That's not all; the manga possesses characters and short stories that are hilarious and help to lighten the tone and humanize the characters and setting. While challenging and portraying serious philosophies, Fire Force does an excellent job of sprinkling in comedy for the readers' enjoyment.

For those who have seen the anime, the Fire Force manga delves into greater detail behind the characters, powers, and world. This provides greater depth for fans as well as clarification for skeptics who did not enjoy the anime.

The Fire Force Omnibus is an excellent story with lovable and strong characters that any shonen fan would want to follow. I strongly recommend trying this story out, especially in the omnibus format. Often 1–2 volumes isn't enough of a manga to get a true taste of the world and character, so an omnibus hits just right.

This review is written by Sarah

In Toyko, Japan, a new era has been born. It is year 198 of the Solar Era, and The God of Flame has taken form in a disease that runs rampant in society. A plague of destruction that lies dormant with unknown origins. It is a curse that strikes fast and deadly, starting a chain of tragic phenomena known as Spontaneous Human Combustion. Victims of the plague become walking demonic pyers' of lost souls trapped in an endless cycle of agony. It is the job of specialized firefighters to end their suffering; among these teams is Special Fire Force Company 8, the Special Fire Cathedral Team! With their anti-infernal tactical gear and ranks of a select few, they are comprised of 2nd and 3rd-generation fire users alongside the non-powered. Company 8 is tasked with extinguishing the last flames of the victims, dubbed the Infernals. Our main character is a newly deployed Fire Force fighter named Shinra Kusakabe, a Second Class fire soldier and third–generation fire user known for using "The Devil's Feet."

Shinra has overcome personal tragedies at a young age. He witnessed the first-hand destructiveness of an Infernal, as it took the life his mother and younger sibling–later being shunned by a fearful society for being a generational fire user with a nervous demonic grin tick. He has spent his life becoming what he has always dreamed of being: a true and real 'hero' in memory of his loved ones, so no one would suffer as he did. When joining Fire Force Company 8, under a non-powered Captain Akitaru Obi, Shinra must work with the team's orders to help the departed in enacting the flamed infernals' final rites. Second to discover the causes behind the epidemic of the solar era and stop those who misuse the power of the fire plague, those who would misuse their pyroclastic powers for destruction. And final, investigate and extinguish any corruption of Fire Force teams 1-7.

Ohkubos'Fire Force, which started in 2015, recently wrapped up in early 2022 with a 34-volume collection. Under Kodansha publishing, we are quickly seeing Kodansha become the kings of the omnibus editions, packing large amounts of content into their omnibuses. Fire Force Omnibus 1 collects the first three volumes, chapters 0-25, in a chunky 509 pages. And with 34 volumes, collectors can expect to see an estimated 11 omnibuses come into print. Within your omnibus, you can expect standard manga paper that holds up well to creator Atsushi Ohkubo's stylization.

The quality of the image retains its high–detailed orientations and survives pretty well with sizeable black-out scenes and grayscaled shading of the scene and characters. However, this omnibus contains no extra glossed pages of color art. Large cover panels that direct you to the next book's beginnings and closing panels containing authors' notes and explanations. Due to the size, I rate this more as an edition of a collective work than a collector's edition. Keeping it in presentable form will be difficult, so expect it to gather a well–read appearance quickly with your average bends and bumps. It will be a space saver for those collecting the series, as nothing is taken away from single volumes. But as for lightfastness and long–lasting quality, it may take a lot of work.

This series gave me a kickboxer in a dark fantasy mystery-esque series with a Dorohedoro mechanic vibe. As with Atsushi Ohkubo, you can expect your heroic dialogs to be filled with comedic dark humor. Our starting villain is profiled as the Joker, who uses the ashes of his victims to cause madness and occult mayhem. Theories begin to take shape that this phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion origins may not be so random. Morals and team objectives quickly become murky as generational Fire Force soldiers' fates rapidly intertwine with the Infernals. Shinra's past traumas, old rivals, and new team members arrive, each fighting to prove to themselves that they can be heroes. You'll quickly root for your Fire Force team of chaotic soldiers who take up their swords and axes. As they go out on their missions to lay to rest victims of the flame, they soon discover secrets of their world. They are steeling their courage from heartwarming insecurities and uncovering corruption that has lied in wait in their memories. Our team quickly proves that not every flame is used for destruction but is indeed determined by its wielder.

This review is written by Benjamin

Fire Force is a popular manga and anime series that follows the story of a group of firefighters who are tasked with investigating and fighting against supernatural fires known as "Infernals." The first omnibus introduces the main characters and sets the stage for the conflicts to come.

In the first couple chapters, we are introduced to the protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, a young man with the unique ability to generate flames from his feet. He joins the Special Fire Force Company 8, which is tasked with investigating Infernals and trying to save the lives of those who have been possessed by them. Along with his fellow firefighters, Shinra must learn to work together and use their abilities to fight against the Infernals and uncover the mystery behind their sudden appearance.

Later in the book, the author continues to build on the story, introducing new characters and expanding on the world of Fire Force. We see Shinra and the rest of Company 8 dealing with the challenges of their job, including fighting against powerful Infernals and dealing with the politics and corruption within the Fire Force organization.

Overall, the first omnibus of Fire Force is an exciting introduction to the series. The action–packed storytelling and unique setting make for a captivating read. The characters are well–developed, and their individual abilities and personalities help to create a dynamic and engaging cast. The story also raises interesting questions about the nature of the Infernals and the motivations of the different characters, leaving readers eager to see what will happen next.

In conclusion, the first omnibus of Fire Force is a thrilling start to the series. With engaging characters and an exciting supernatural world, they set the stage for the conflicts and mysteries to come. Fans of action–packed manga and anime will definitely enjoy this series.

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Fire Force Manga Omnibus Volume 1

Fire Force manga omnibus volume 1 collects volumes 1–3 in a larger sized omnibus format and features story and art by Atsushi Ohkubo, the author of Soul Eater.

In the year 198 of the Age of the Sun, Tokyo is a crowded cosmopolis. But the world's most populous city is threatened by devils that cause people to burst into flame at random! The only ones who can stop it are the Pyrofighters, a team of specialized firefighters. The young Shinra, blessed with the ability to ignite his feet and travel at the speed of a rocket, wants nothing more than to be a hero, and knows that this is the place for him! But he's not the best at following orders…

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