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Favorite '90s Anime

Favorite '90s Anime

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime Crew

This being our “32-bit” birthday, we wanted to look back on the ‘90s and have our employees pick their favorite anime from that decade. This isn’t a best of list (we already did that), but a nostalgic look down memory lane for us and, hopefully, you.


Legends of lore, crazy fishmen, and explosive magic... Slayers is the great big ball of medieval fantasy, drama, and slapstick comedy that I absolutely love. Very few shows can be silly-goofy and serious in the same scene without missing a beat. For instance, in what other show would a character break the fourth wall during a tense dramatic scene only to proclaim that, "Well, we all knew the writers wouldn't let this stay serious for too long." In all seriousness though, this is a great show that got an awesome dub. Watch it and victory will be yours! - Quinn

Street Fighter II The Animated Movie

There have been several anime titles based on fighting game properties, but unfortunately for fighting game enthusiasts, there are very few that provide what fans of the genre are looking for. Street Fighter II The Animated Movie is the exception. Based on the hit fighting video game, what Street Fighter II lacks in depth of plot, it more than makes up for in depth of action. The entire roster of the Street Fighter II series, sporting their now legendary designs and personalities, is given at least one dedicated action sequence. None of these scenes feel flat, however, as Capcom ensured that the fight choreography would be as thrilling and enjoyable today as it was back in ‘94 thanks to the use of both rotoscoping and traditional animation techniques. Not so short that it feels rushed, and not so long that it overstays its simple yet satisfying welcome, Street Fighter II delivered what fight fans were craving, and it has yet to be defeated. - Matthew

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor is awesome. That is all. - Dark Lord CEO

Gundam Wing

Personally, my favorite ‘90’s series would have to be Gundam Wing. Its run on Toonami converted me from a casual viewer into a full-on anime fan. It serves as a great introduction to the concepts of more realistic mecha shows without requiring a deep dive into the Gundam catalog. On top of that, I loved the characters, from the shifting alliances of Zechs Merquise to the sarcastic but hopeful Duo Maxwell. Plus, the mobile suit designs still stand out as some of my favorites. When I feel like a good throwback, it’s hard to beat Gundam Wing. - Chris


Kodocha is my favorite ‘90s anime, for sure. Not only was it the first anime I watched, but it has stuck with me for my entire life. There is something so endearing about the characters and their relationships mixed with hilarious antics and an amazing soundtrack. I definitely recommend it to anybody who likes a fun mix of comedy, heart-wrenching drama, and a realistic romance. - Liv

Princess Mononoke

Have you ever been spellbound? To have your complete attention held by something that doesn’t allow you to look away even if you tried? That was me from the first to last scene of Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy, a film that truly exemplifies what it means to be “epic.” Its cast of characters are all individually compelling, but it’s the visuals that leave you arrested from the first frame onward. It’s not Miyazaki's most popular, but for me, it’s his best - Will

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