Emma Kickstarter

Emma Kickstarter

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Updated 10/18/2018

We did it!!!

A very special thank you to each and everyone one of you for your amazing support of this show.

With the campaign now closed, Kickstarter will begin charging your accounts. If KS runs into any trouble with the charge, you'll have a short time to fix your payment per KS policy.

As with our previous ARIA Kickstarter campaign, the Emma slacker backer will be handled by RightStufAnime.com. One of the questions we will ask you in the KS survey (coming at a later date) is if you have an existing RightStufAnime.com account. If so, please fill in the email tied to that account in the survey so that we can link your Emma order to your existing account. This will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

On the production front, we are continuing to push forward with casting and pre-production work.

Thank you again everyone! Now let's get to work!

Updated 10/18/2018

Final Hours! 5.1 Achieved and New Stretch Goals!

It's been an amazing couple of days!! We now have a 5.1 track for both seasons AND a faux leather upgrade to the book! Way to go everyone!

We've revealed a few more stretch goals for those who are interested. ^_^

We're excited for the upcoming livestream celebration as the campaign winds down. Please join us at 10:30 CT on your preferred platform:

Facebook Live

Nozomi Twitch Stream

Right Stuf Anime Twitch Stream



See you then!

Updated 10/17/2018

Another Stretch Goal Achieved! Celebration party stream tomorrow at 10:30AM CDT!


I'm excited to see that we've passed the $200,000 stretch goal, which means that we will be adding a cast commentary to an episode of Season 2!

Our Emma kickstarter will come to an end tomorrow at 11AM CDT. We will be hosting a Kickstarter Live feed starting at 10:30AM CDT October 18 to celebrate the last 30 minutes, toast the success of the campaign, and answer questions or chat about the kickstarter, the production process, or anything else that you want to ask (but might not be attached the fact we may not answer.) We will also livestream this on Facebook and other platforms. Hope to see you there!

The next stretch goal is to add a "leather" (simulated) cover to the artbook. It would make it look more like a book from the era. Hope we can get there. We have more, if the momentum takes us there in the next 17 hours.


After the campaign ends (and the surveys are completed) we will make available the 1st and 2nd Season Blu-rays and the Artbook in a post-campaign purchase. You must be a backer to have access. Anyone who pledges $1 or more will be qualified. This gives people who may not have the ability to pledge now a chance to get in later on. Once each season or the book is ready to be closed down or shipped, we will give you last chance notification. As an example, when Season 1 is ready for replication, we will let people know, and then it will be removed from the slacker backer. Season 2 would still be available, but only until it is ready for replication, and so on. This slacker backer will be done through our rightstufanime.com e-commerce storefront. Details on that will be posted when ready.

You guys are great!

We're so excited to work in this project for you these coming months. Thanks for being a backer and supporting our dubs.

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Updated 10/17/2018


We've topped $170,000 and that means the reversible covers have been unlocked! Way to go everyone!

Today we surpassed our $180,000 pledge stretch goal, and with that, we'll be dubbing Season 2 of Emma!

Season 2 will also include the "Episode 0" - so you'll get it all.

I'm going to be brief here as I'm already late for a meeting today (lol) and come back later to post some more, but here are where things sit:

If you would like to add Season 2 to your current pledge, you may change tiers to upgrade to the tier you wish that contains Season 2. If you wanted, for example, to move from Groundskeeper, you could move to Groundskeeper 2, which is the same with the exception of the addition of the Season 2 Blu-ray.

Remember, the artbook is an add on item. So if you change you pledge, you'll need to add the $60US or $80 international on to the post-shipping amount of your tier in order to secure the artbook as part of your pledge.

The following tiers, due to the rarity of their items, will need to use the slacker backer to add season 2, or will need to message us: PORTER, MASTER PAINTER. This is because I can't create a new tier without worrying someone will buy the special items out from underneath you.

Should you have invested in the following tiers: HOUSEKEEPER, LADY'S MAID, GOVERNESS, BUTLER, HOUSE STEWARD, or SKETCH ARTIST, you will not need to make any changes. These tiers will automatically upgrade to include Season 2. If you wish to add an artbook, however, please use the amount above.

Any extra pledges beyond the tier amount will always be appreciated as it helps us to add to the production value as we work with the actors and production team.

If you have questions, post in the comments for help or message us. I'll be watching and if someone can't answer I'll jump in.

Remember, any pledge that you might make will give you access to our slacker backer program at the conclusion of the kickstarter. This will allow you to purchase BDs and the artbook (although the artbook will be at a slightly higher price, so get a better deal by pledging early!). If you are tapped out at the moment, this gives you the ability to still pick up Season 2 later. Note, however, that the merchandise items WILL NOT be available in the slacker backer. If you want, for example, the chipboard box, you will have to pledge for it now. It won't be available later.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see us reach this goal, the generosity of many of our backers is amazing, and the passion that you all have for this wonderful series is humbling. I know that we are all excited to get to work on this show and see it presented in English to you, on Blu-ray.

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Updated 10/17/2018

Reversible Covers Unlocked!

We've topped $170,000 and that means the reversible covers have been unlocked! Way to go everyone!

We're closing in on the final 24 hours of the campaign and we're SO CLOSE to that final $180,000 stretch of a dub and a blu-ray for season 2!

Some of you have asked if the season 2 blu-ray tiers will still unlock when we get to $180k. The answer totally depends on how much time we have remaining when we hit that goal. Unfortunately, it does take quite a bit of time to set up as Kickstarter's system is pretty manual. If we have sufficient time, we will add tiers with names such as "Kitchen Maid 2" or "House Maid 2" to hopefully make it as clear as possible that it is the same tier as before but with the addition of the season 2 blu-ray.

As a reminder, however, the merchandise items in the tiers won't be available post campaign. So if you want the box, the litho, the postcards, etc, you will need to pledge to the correct tier to get those merchandise items before the campaign ends. Remember, the tier you choose will be final. Changing tiers after the campaign will not be allowed.

You can add the art book now as well by over-pledging your tier by $60 (US) or $80 (non-US), or you can add it later during the post campaign. It's up to you!

And a final reminder that TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE POST CAMPAIGN ITEMS, YOU MUST BE A BACKER. This means you need to have pledged at least $1. The only items that will be available in the post campaign are the Kickstarter exclusive blu-rays and the art book. You cannot get the box or any other items once the campaign closes.

Just a little over $6k left to $180k as I'm composing this and it's a truly nail-biting stretch! Thank you all for your continued support of this wonderful show.

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Updated 10/16/2018

Emma Lithograph Achieved! Plus a Special Message from Jessica!

Amazing! With just a little over 2 days remaining in the campaign, we now have just $20,000 left to fully fund the dub and blu-ray for season 2! Way to go everyone!

We've now unlocked the Emma lithograph!! Housemaid Deluxe and higher tiers will now get an amazing piece of artwork from this wonderful show for their walls. Onward to the reversible covers!!

We also have a very special message for all of you from Jessica Calvello!

Let's keep going!

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Updated 10/16/2018

Hardcover Art Book Here We Come!

Hello everyone! I'm super excited to see that we're nearly to $160,000!! AND that means that overnight we unlocked the upgrade on the art book to hardcover! I'm so excited because I love hardcover editions.

At $160,000, we'll also unlock an amazing Emma lithograph for all tiers of Housemaid Deluxe and above! The lithographs will be hand numbered and will be exclusive to this Kickstarter.

And as a reminder, the box for the set will ONLY be available to backers on the Housemaid Deluxe tiers and higher. It will NOT be available in slacker backer nor purchasable outside of the Kickstarter.

So, as a general reminder, make sure that you're on the correct tier to get the goodies you want because once the Kickstarter ends, you're locked into your tier.

What's next? How about a reversible cover at $170,000? \(^_^)/

We're so close to season 2. We can do it!!

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Updated 10/15/2018

Eleanor Campbell is...

Hi everyone! We're closing in on just 3 days left until the Kickstarter ends! It's extremely exciting. As I write this, we've just passed $150,000. Onward and upward to $180,000!!! We can do it!

Just a quick note: we've added another PVC Figurine. There is now one available on the Lady's Maid tier. Get it before someone else snags it!

Some of you guessed it: Eleanor is Jessica Calvello! As many of you mentioned, the initial voice that you heard in the clip is, in fact, low for the character. This was because in the audition she didn't have any real background on the character. However, Jessica really nailed the feel of Eleanor and she's an extremely talented actress who will have no problem raising the pitch of her voice to match the younger Eleanor.

Here's a short note from our Dubbing Director, Joe DiGiorgi:

Hi everyone! I wanted to leave a message because I've been reading the feedback on the threads here regarding our initial cast picks.

There are many rolls that are going to be auditioned, and we will have a very high level of scrutiny about dialect. The audition sheets that were sent out were preliminary sheets sent to a handful of people I was pretty sure had the dialect chops and acting skills. They worked off of a simple audition sheet created quickly. They had no preview of the character from the show itself visually or audio wise; they only had a brief printed description. The reason it was done this way was so that we could have some people cast in role to share with you before this Kickstarter was complete, and so needed to send this out as soon as possible. The dialect coach, Right Stuf, and I all knew, after listening to the selected reads, it would work going forward. Yes, there will be tonal adjustments! We've only just begun. I can assure you that this dub is going to be great, and I always try to maintain consistency in tone and character to the original Japanese. I just want you to know that I hear you! The two leads and remaining cast will be very carefully selected.

Now let's try and get to the stretch goal so we can get the second season dubbed as well. Thank you for your support!

- Joe

We echo Joe's sentiment: Thank you all for your support. Now on to season 2!

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Updated 10/12/2018

We've hit the $135,000 goal! AND we officially have an Eleanor!!

We've hit the $135,000 stretch goal which officially gives us the Cast Commentary for season 1! Way to go everyone!! I've updated the stretch goals and you'll see that if we reach $160,000, everyone on the Deluxe tiers and higher will get an Emma Lithograph! Let's do it!

Plus, we're also extremely proud to announce that we have officially cast Eleanor Campbell! Check out the audition clip!

But who could this mystery actress be??? Make your guesses and we'll post more clips and reveal her real name next week!

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Updated 10/12/2018

Wayne Grayson Audition Clips!

Check out the audition clips from Wayne Grayson! Keep in mind these are only auditions so there is no music, effects, or voices for other characters.

More great stuff coming soon, and we're SO close to that next stretch goal!!

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Updated 10/11/2018

Wayne Grayson Joins the Cast!

We're happy to announce that Wayne Grayson has officially joined the cast and will be playing William's father, Mr. Richard Jones!

Many may know his work as Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Michaelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. More recently, he's been voicing Akatsuki in ARIA.

What you might not know is that Wayne Grayson has been performing Shakespeare since he was about 15 years old. His first production was Two Gentlemen of Verona at a performing arts camp. Since his first Shakespearean production, he’s performed works by the Bard consistently, running the gamut from Richard III to Sir Toby Belch. He’s frequently consulted by colleagues for basic dialect coaching. A few years ago, he even recorded an audiobook production of Romeo and Juliet (as Romeo of course) and managed to fool his British co-star into believing he was a Brit himself!

We're super excited to have Wayne Grayson on board and we can't wait to get started on recording!

Expect clips soon!

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Updated 10/10/2018

Over 1,000 Backers!!

YAY! We've topped 1,000 backers!! Thank you all for spreading the word to support this great show. To celebrate our milestone, we're revealing another stretch goal!

If we make it to $155,000, not only will we have an Emma book that contains materials from both Season 1 and Season 2, but the book will be upgraded to hardcover!

Our ultimate dream goal is, of course, to reach that $180,000 stretch and be able to dub the entire series! We can do it!!

In other news, we're also currently casting for Emma Season 1 and we hope to be able to reveal a cast member soon so make sure to stay tuned to the updates.

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Updated 10/6/2018

First Stretch Goal Reached!

Congratulations all, you've done it! The first Emma stretch goal has been reached! There will now be a written interview with Kaori Mori, featuring your questions! Please don't post any questions just yet - we'll have the details on how to submit them at a future date.

Now, on to the next stretch goal - Season 1 English Cast Commentary! There'll be a lot to talk about with Emma, for certain.

And what's this? A new stretch goal has been revealed!

Thank you all for your amazing support, and please continue to spread the word!

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Updated 10/4/2018

Tara Tisch Joins the Production Staff and has a Special Announcement!

We're excited to announce that Tara Tisch (voice of Alice from ARIA) has joined the production staff of Emma! She's recorded a special announcement for our backers!

As Tara notes, respected dialect coaches Jim and Carolyn Johnson (accenthelp.com) have agreed to help with Emma as well. They'll be consulting on script adaptations, reviewing auditions, etc.

Welcome aboard!

We're also super excited that we're almost to our first stretch goal - an interview with Mori-san! Keep spreading the word!

Updated 10/3/2018

Rhiannon Ross Joins the Dubbing Production Staff!

Ever since we announced the Kickstarter, people have wondered: can an American dubbing company really make an "authentic" British dub? And beyond that make one that sounds Victorian?

Now that production is underway, we're happy to announce that Rhiannon Ross will be joining Headline Studios as an advisor. She will be attending recording sessions in order to help ensure the authenticity of the English dialects used in the series. She'll be assisting any British or American actors who are cast in the roles to ensure that the proper dialect is used for their particular character.

Want to know more? You can check out her page here: https://www.rhiannonross.org/

Updated 10/3/2018

Season 1 Fully Funded!

You guys are simply amazing! Season 1 has now fully funded and we're so excited to get started on this project!!

Production has officially already begun! Here's a special update from our dubbing director!

We're not that far away from our first big stretch goal: an interview with Mori-san! After the campaign closes, we'll be taking questions from our backers as to what questions you've always been dying to ask this fantastic mangaka, so get ready!

A big congratulations to our four lucky Sketch Artist tier backers who will be receiving a special shikishi from Mori-san herself, as well as our Governess Backer who managed to snag the wonderful Emma doll!

Now, let's get to funding season 2!

This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of season 1 of the Emma A Victorian Romance anime and release it on Blu-ray!

Let's Dub Emma A Victorian Romance Anime TV Series Season 1!

Your funds will go toward creating the best possible Blu-ray release that we can - one that you will be proud to have on your shelf. Our production team are anime fans and collectors themselves, and will be uncompromising when it comes to review and approval of the dubbed script, the dub tracks, the video quality, and the authoring.

As our partner on this project, we have chosen to work with Joe DiGiorgi at Headline Studios as our director, who we have worked closely with as a director and a producer on a number of our titles, including ARIA, His and Her Circumstances, Comic Party, Boogiepop Phantom, The Third, amongst others. Joe has also handled many well known dubs from classic titles such as Record of Lodoss War, Genshiken, Queen's Blade, and Ikki Tousen. Headline Sound is based in New York City.

All of the production staff we'll be using to do the work have been involved with anime productions in the past, including the director, the producer, and all voice actors. Together with Joe, we wanted to bring together a creative team of seasoned anime pros who can produce a timely delivered, high quality dub within our budget constraints.

The kickstarter campaign can be found HERE and it will run until October 17!

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What is Emma About?

In 19th-century London, class lines are sharply drawn, and the social standing to which people are born dictates the path their lives will follow. Emma, an honest and hardworking young maid, never felt her place in life to be a burden. But then she met William, a member of the gentry and the eldest son of a wealthy family. His warm smile and earnest affection threaten to capture her heart... but can love truly conquer all?

This fantastic Victorian tale of an upstairs, downstairs romance is the anime adaptation of Kaoru Mori’s amazing manga of the same name which was honored with an Excellence Prize at the 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival. Kaoru Mori went to extensive lengths to research her period drama and her authentic details are brought through in this amazing adaptation.

The animated series features direction by Tsuneo Kobayashi (The Twelve Kingdoms, Glass Mask OAV, Kurokami The Animation, Super GALS!), scripting by Mamiko Ikeda (Fruits Basket, Princess Tutu, Gravitation), music by Kunihiko Ryo (Yona of the Dawn, The Twelve Kingdoms, The Story of Saiunkoku, Tegami Bachi, Fantastic Children) and production by Studio Pierrot (Fushigi Yuugi, Urusei Yatsura, The Twelve Kingdoms, Yona of the Dawn).

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