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Dungeon Toilet Manga Volume 1 Review

Dungeon Toilet Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Chris S.

When I was younger, I discovered the Captain Underpants book series by Dav Pilkey. For those of you who have read the books or seen the movie that came out a few years ago, you know how crude its potty humor can get. Yet, I can’t help myself but laugh whenever I revisit or think about Captain Underpants. It’s with this enjoyment of immature humor that made me curious about reading Dungeon Toilet. This new manga series from Roots has as much potty humor as you would expect from seeing the title and cover art.

Our story follows a Japanese boy from our world named Yotaro who gets sent to a fantasy world - your typical isekai manga. Along with his two female elf companions, Gigi and Nurael, he goes on various quests and encounters mythical creatures like dragons, harpies, griffins, and slimes. However, Yotaro has a one track mind; all he can think about during his adventures is finding the best toilet in this new world to drop a deuce. Compared to the high-tech toilets in modern Japan, the “toilets” in this world are more primitive and do not come with the amenities we take for granted, such as toilet paper and flushing. From using dragon scales as toilet seats to wiping with slime, Yotaro simply wants the most comfort possible for his bum. Much to the annoyance of his companions, this is all he talks about in literally every chapter. This could annoy the reader as well, but as for me, I was highly entertained.

Obviously, you have to enjoy potty humor to enjoy this manga. Words like “poop,” “urine,” and “butt” are consistently used throughout. However, the terms that made me laugh the most were fantasy-based. At one point, Yotaro refers to going number two as “squeezing a dwarf,” and another time he refers to his excrement as “fudge dragons.” Despite the crude dialogue, the art is pretty innocent. We see Yotaro sitting on toilets, but we never see his waste or his privates aside from the occasional butt crack. As a whole, Dungeon Toilet is fine for teenagers or adults with immature senses of humor (like me).

What may come as the biggest surprise is that this manga is actually quite educational! Along with his fascination with finding the perfect toilet, Yotaro has a wealth of knowledge on the history of the commode and the evolution of how humans took care of business. Many chapters delve into facts about how people in the past dealt with their waste. Some used it as fertilizer for crops, some let it wash down the river, and some just dumped their chamber pots out their window and onto the street. A few chapters even end with short articles called “Toilet Time” that expand on these factoids. For example, did you know that King Louis XIV of France had to sit on a portable toilet while eating and holding meetings because he suffered from severe diarrhea?

If any of this review disgusted you or made you cringe, then Dungeon Toilet is definitely not for you. As for me, I had a blast reading it! Each chapter contains a short vignette of the trio’s adventures rather than an overarching story. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a choice that allows people to read a chapter or two while they’re sitting on the pot. Pick up Dungeon Toilet if you’re looking for a few laughs with interesting toilet history along the way.

Dungeon Toilet Manga Volume 1

It is said that the average human spends three years of their life on the toilet. So when Yotaro, a man who values his throne time, is reincarnated in another world, he dedicates himself to searching for the perfect privy. Dragon-scale seats and slimes for wiping are only the tip of the turd in this crude commode…er, comedy!

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