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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable Manga Volume 1 Review

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Liv

If you know one single thing about me, dear reader, know that I am absolutely crazy about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure...with part 4 being my absolute favorite. So I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been waiting for this manga release for years.

Diamond is Unbreakable finds us in Morioh, Japan - a comfortable, quiet town that is hiding a very dark secret. Our main protagonist and latest in the Joestar lineage is Josuke Higishikata, illegitimate son of the familiar Joseph Joestar. The peace can only last so long with a killer on the loose and Josuke soon comes face to face with the inescapable reality that Stand User’s are inevitably drawn to each other. And really that’s about as much summary as I can give within going too far into things. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is just that....bizarre, and I think part of the fun of reading or watching is never knowing what to expect.

If you’re new to Jojo as a whole, know that the mangaka, Hirohiko Araki, switches up the genre completely on every single arc. Though every arc is different, Diamond is Unbreakable might be the most...unique of them all in regards to the overall “tone” of the story and Josuke, himself. It definitely sets itself apart from its predecessor, Stardust Crusaders, almost immediately from the beginning. While you aren’t hopefully going into Diamond is Unbreakable before reading the previous entries, both veteran and new readers can definitely expect a fun and fresh story that doesn’t rely on typical shounen plot formulas.

At its core, Part 4 is a murder-mystery with a lot of heart and fantastic characters. I like to affectionately compare it to Scooby Doo...if Scooby Doo involved a bunch of crazy super powers coupled with strong-willed characters, who also aren’t afraid to show their emotional side.

As collector’s might notice, it looks different than the previous releases in the series, but don’t let that deter you from picking this up. The book is absolutely gorgeous. It’s large pages really let you see the intricate detail of Araki’s art and there are even a few “red-toned” pages in the very beginning. It will be very interesting to watch the gradual style change as more and more volumes get published. Overall, this release was well-worth waiting for and I am proud to be able to display this alongside parts 1-3 on my bookcase, however different they may look.

If you’re already a fan of Jojo, as I suspect you might be if you’re this far into the series - expect another beloved part in a shiny new package. If you aren’t already a fan, then what are you doing? Come and join me on this very bizarre adventure!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable Manga Volume 1

In April 1999, Jotaro Kujo travels to a town in Japan called Morioh to find a young man named Josuke Higashikata, the secret love child of his grandfather, Joseph Joestar. Upon finding him, Jotaro is surprised to learn that Josuke also possesses a Stand. After their strange meeting, the pair team up to investigate the town’s proliferation of unusual Stands!

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