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Devilman Vs Hades Manga Volume 1 Review

Devilman Vs Hades Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Clif

All aboard the Devilman train! Next stop the Nether Realms!

I knew I would like Devilman Vs Hades from the moment I read the title. My introduction to the Devilman series was the new Netflix anime Devilman Crybaby and this manga picks up right where the anime left off. SPOILER ALERT! Humanity has been wiped out and Fudo Akira is the last human “alive”. We all know that Akira is no regular human because he has been fused with the demon Amon! His demon powers give him the ability to travel between Earth and the Nether realms. Akira roams the underworld trying to save the lost soul of his true love Miki. Hades resides in the Chaos realm where he has been building his army to fight against the great Mazinger with Dr. Hell.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this manga series is a cross over between two of Go Nagai’s most popular titles Devilman and Mazinger Z. Hades returns from the chaos realm only to find out that his wife Persephone has been slayed by someone calling themselves Devilman! In Akira’s rage to find Miki he ruptured the barrier of the Netherworld and allowed human souls to escape back to Earth. Akira must find Miki in the baron wasteland that is now Earth but he has made a powerful enemy in the Emperor of Darkness. Hades vows to destroy everything that Akira holds dear and restore his wife.

Two demons fighting for true love? I don’t know who I’m rooting for yet! If the build up of this epic battle doesn’t have you sold on Devilman Vs Hades the interview with Go Nagai at the end of this manga should make the sale final. Go Nagai discusses everything from creating the original series, to working on these new crossovers, and how he feels about other creators expanding the Devilman universe. Devilman is slowly becoming one of my new favorite series and Devilman Vs Hades Manga Volume 1 did not disappoint. Get your copy today!

Devilman Vs Hades Manga Volume 1

Devilman vs. Hades volume 1 features story by Go Nagai and art by Team Moon.

With the world destroyed after the summoning of Devilman, his human host Akira Fudo finds himself a tenant of Hell. Seeking the soul of his lost love Miki, Akira comes betweens a man’s search for vengeance and earns the ire of Hades. To save Miki and survive life after death, Akira will need to let his true demon out as Devilman faces off against the Devil himself!

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