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Daytime Shooting Star Manga Volume 1 Review

Daytime Shooting Star Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

If only we could see the stars during the day. Daytime Shooting Star was a shining example of a well-illustrated masterpiece. It was an enjoyable read with smooth transitions between panels that helped make the book easy to digest. A young girl, named Suzume, is forced to move from her well-known school into a busy lifestyle in Tokyo. Suzume’s personality is that of your average school-aged girl, but she is a little more of a tomboy which helps me connect with her more. This manga adapts well with the story’s plot while introducing a new atmosphere as Suzume meets new people and we watch events unfold.

My favorite part of this volume was definitely Suzume’s resolve with what seems to be bullying when a new friend gives her the wrong location for a class hangout. Let’s not forget the boys, first off we have Mr. Shishio, her homeroom teacher, who seems to be young and good looking but that’s you’re average “Sensei-student” scenario. Next we have my personal favorite boy from this series, Mamura. He’s shy and quiet, but I find it cute that he tries to hide his phobia of girls all while Suzume tries to befriend him.

While the title doesn’t have much to do with the story yet, Daytime Shooting Star, has clear, crisp illustrations and likeable characters that makes me want to continue reading. I’ve also recently discovered it is based off a live-action movie, so I’ll have to check that out next! If you enjoy drama, school life settings, and a hint of romance, I would recommend this series to you! Similar titles include. Waiting for Spring, Hatsu*Haru, and Ao Haru Ride.

Daytime Shooting Star Manga Volume 1

After arriving in Tokyo to live with her uncle, Suzume collapses in a nearby park where she had once seen a shooting star during the day. A handsome stranger brings her to her new home and tells her they’ll meet again. Suzume starts her first day at her new high school sitting next to a boy who blushes furiously at her touch. And her homeroom teacher is none other than the handsome stranger!

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