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Cutie Honey A Go Go! Manga Review

Cutie Honey A Go Go! Manga Review

-Written by: Jenny Lau

I expected the manga to be your average super heroine plot similar to Superman. As I was combing through the pages, the story took a different turn from the typical super heroine vs. villain scenario. The story begins with a gorgeous super heroine android Cutie Honey, arriving to save earth from her frenemies, Panther Claw. But one person, or in this case, an android can’t save earth alone! She needs an intelligent mortal side kick. I assumed this side kick would be the opposite gender (think Clark Kent and Lois Lane or Tony Stark and Pepper Potts) but to my surprise, Cutie Honey is teamed with a woman agent named Aki Natsuko! As I continued reading, themes of female empowerment began to emerge. Both women struggle to make positive strides in the world’s problems like dealing with awful male coworkers or powerful females that try to sabotage other women instead of supporting each other. But luckily, this dynamic duo can handle it. If Aki Natsuko needs help, Cutie Honey is there to drop a power kick for her bestie! #GirlPower.

And it is here I leave you with this final thought on this manga, every person should give this manga a chance. No, my reason isn’t to make you a feminist. I believe this story resonates with all of us that we want equality for everyone. Male or female, we need each other to crush the bad guys! We are #InThisTogether.

Cutie Honey A Go Go! Manga

Tokyo is under siege by the terrorist organization known as Panther Claw, and the beautiful superheroine android known as Cutie Honey appears on the scene to take them on—but fails! For her own protection, Cutie Honey must join forces with government agent Natsuko Aki, and pose as student and teacher at St. Chapel Academy. But there is nowhere to hide from Panther Claw and its leader’s evil machinations!

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