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Coyote Manga Volume 1 Rated 18+

Coyote Manga Volume 1 Rated 18+

-Written by: Jenny Lau

DISCLAIMER: Werewolves Gone Bad. NSFW. For Adults Only.

As someone new to the Yaoi genre, and a sucker for reading romance novels, I assumed reading a childish boy drama with a sprinkle of sappy love scenes. Curious to explore this genre, I picked up this manga, particularly for its cover- a handsome werewolf seductively biting into a hand that caresses his soft face. With one look at the cover, I was like “Um #Yaasss, I’m definitely reading it.” Coyote is not your average male to male romance manga. The story is an unexpected supernatural remake of Romeo and Juliet. From the action, sex, and dark drama, everything about the story is just awesome sauce!

Our two gorgeous main characters are caught in the middle of a werewolves vs. gangster warfare. Coyote, the leading man, is member of a wolf clan that has been in hiding from humans for 70 years. There’s an illegal trade of werewolf parts run by the Galland Crime Family, where werewolves are hunted for a good kill. One night Coyote meets an attractive piano male player named Marleen. After a couple of drinks and hookups, they fall madly in love with each other. Marleen, however, is actually part of the Galland crime family and finds out Coyote’s true identity as a werewolf. He claims he doesn’t care if his lover is a werewolf. Can their love prevail in this war? I pray that it will when I read the the second volume.

The art in this manga is illustrated in gorgeous detail especially in the risque scenes. Sculpted man butts, tongue to tongue action, passionate talk and rough scratch marks left by a forbidden wolf lover are enough to satisfy anyone’s dirty mind. Yes, I admit I enjoyed these scenes myself (Emoji Eggplants were everywhere in my mind while reading this part). What I loved most about this story was the author’s ability to retell an old classic love story in a modern futuristic setting. Calling all die-hard Yaoi fans or newcomers, this manga was made for you!

Coyote Manga Volume 1

Coyote avoids getting too involved with humans in order to conceal the fact that he’s a werewolf. But Marlene, a pianist at a bar he frequents, is interested in him and just won’t take no for an answer. When Coyote suddenly goes into heat for the first time, Marlene catches him while he’s unable to maintain his human form and offers up a tempting invitation. Coyote wants to resist Marlene, but can he?

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