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Colorless Manga Volume 1 Review

Colorless Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jonathan A

After nearly ten years, from art project to city event to doujinshi, the world of Colorless is finally available for western audiences. With all of the new releases being your typical shonen, romance, or isekai, the summary of Colorless really caught my attention. Packed in a small sleek volume from Seven Seas, this is sure to be your new favorite sci-fi adventure.

The story jumps right in to the horrors that are sure to come following the catastrophic event from three hundred years ago. In a world now filled with mutants and void of color, our protagonist already stands out with his more mechanical design. Avidia, or known as just Avi by some, may come across as a character similar to Batman. Even though he is not actively seeking out criminals, he is not afraid to stop them in their tracks when they interfere with his research. You quickly learn he is a force to be reckoned with after his run–in with some low-life inhabitants of Rikudoh. Little does he know his life, and potentially the rest of the world, are about to take an unexpected turn after his small tackle with those thugs.

While Avidia does work on his own, he is not alone in this world. Kovetus, his friend/informant, keeps him updated on the current police chatter or any other rumors relating to "The Order", a religious society turned political cult. The girl that he rescued from those mutants has quite the mysterious past and may have some link to saving their future. Avi quickly realizes that "The Order" is already aware of this and must fight to keep her from falling into the wrong hands. Despite his research, Avi quickly finds that this may be a more difficult task than he anticipated. What are "The Orders" true intentions and what do they want with this girl? After finishing the first volume, I was left hungry for more mutant action and hoping to discover who this girl really is.

COLORLESS Manga Volume 1

COLORLESS Manga Volume 1 features story and art by Kent.

A cosmic disaster changed the Earth forever, stripping away every last drop of color from the world. Mankind also changed: the familiar human face is almost forgotten in a world now populated wholly by mutants. Against the backdrop of a moody urban landscape, a lone wolf investigator named Avidia relies on both his wits and extraordinary gun to hunt down the world's last hidden scraps of color. He soon crosses paths with a very special girl–one who just might hold the key to bringing back what the world has lost.

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