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Coffee Moon Manga Volume 1 Review

Coffee Moon Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jennifer | January 2023

Coffee Moon struck my curiosity because of the interesting title, the cover of a girl jumping happily in a black and white gloomy world, and the lack of information found on both the back cover and the series description. After beginning to read the first volume, I'm thankful for not being told what this manga is actually about, as I encountered a huge plot twist. I may keep this review a bit vague because of this unexpected development, so if any of you readers do plan to read this manga, I don't want to give even the smallest thing away in my review.

I like how the beginning of Coffee Moon has done something I've never seen done before, and I love when series stray from the path of plots and themes that are heavily overdone (sorry, but I can't tell you what it is cause that would be a massive spoiler). I did excitably read ahead, but the story drops after volume 2 and becomes more of a magical girl-esque series almost as if the author gave up and handed their pen to somebody else… I mean, don't get me wrong; I love magical girls, but that theme is very overdone, and it honestly didn't feel like I was reading the unique Coffee Moon anymore.

I'm a huge fan of series that combines both your typical slice of life and your psychological semi-horror, it's literally the best of both worlds (Examples: Mieruko-Chan, Shadows House, and School-Live) and that's how I'd describe Coffee Moon: a manga where you'd get a good laugh and smile, but then the next second everything is depressing and grim.

The art style is a mix of gothic with very dark shading, with plenty of focus on the rain, architecture, and characters in each panel. I'm personally a fan of rainy days, so the author incorporating rain into this story was a really nice touch! Outside of the character design, I don't have much to say about the characters themselves. Sure they're all unique with different personalities, but I can't seem to feel attached to any of them.

To me, Coffee Moon isn't a masterpiece but it could have been. Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon read. I found myself reading this one a bit slower because of the beautiful artwork and heart put into each page. So if you're looking for a story about a bright happy-go-lucky character in a dark world that has an unexpected turn, then Coffee Moon is definitely for you.

Coffee Moon Omnibus Volume 1

Coffee Moon Manga Volume 1 features story and art by Mochito Bota.

Pieta, a normal girl, leads a normal, uneventful life in a world of constant black rain. As the rain pours down, like it always does, she takes her usual route to school and has a pleasant conversation with her friend Danae.

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