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Chio's School Road Manga Review

Chio's School Road Manga Review

-Written by: Andrew

Grab your Slice of toast and book it to school! Chio’s School Road is a slice of life manga written by Tadataka Kawakaki that will have you laughing the whole way through. Chio’s School Road, Volume 1 follows Chio Miyamo, on her way to school and all the misfortunes that seem to come with it.

These misfortunes include everything from running into construction, awkward social interactions, accidentally picking a fight with a biker, and even trying to escape the men’s restroom! Poor Chio can’t seem to catch a break, and on top of everything, there are couples everywhere and she’s starting to feel left out. Chio herself is a gamer who stays up too late and is usually late to school or cuts it close. You wouldn’t think it by looking at her but she can be clever with finding solutions to the problems she faces, in some cases opting for a video game styled approach. No matter how she decides to get around these obstacles she always seems to find her way to school and greeted by her teacher named Goto.

From the first page I found that I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. The story had me intrigued and laughing the whole time. Slice of Life is my favorite genre of manga and anime and this is one that I will be happy to add to my collection. A lot of aspects of this manga remind me of Nichijou but with more plot consistency. I would like to say that there are a few hints of adult themes, like panty shots and some cursing, but nothing that takes away from the story. I cannot wait to read the following volumes as they come out, just to see all the new challenges Chio has to face. If you are a fan of Slice of Life, or just want some laughs and a good read, you should race over to the store page and pick up this manga.

Chio's School Road Manga Volume 1

For Chio Miyamo, just making it to school is a miracle! From construction to biker gangs and the sudden call of nature, all kinds of troubles both big and small rain down on our titular hero!

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