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Breath of Flowers Manga Volume 1 Review

Breath of Flowers Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Kari

Breath of Flowers is a cute story following the lives of Azami and Gwyn, who eventually confess their love for one another. Gwyn is known to Azami as the cutest boy in school while also being amazing at sports. One day, after basketball practice, Azami finds herself brave enough to approach Gwyn and confess her feelings. Upon sneaking into the boy's locker room to find Gwyn, she finds out that Gwyn is not the prince of her dreams, but rather a princess.

The first volume of the series follows the lives of both girls falling in love, sharing milestones and realizing what kind of person they each want to be. There are plenty of giggles and awe moments in this series. My favorite parts of this manga were the little pieces of art between each chapter, which gave a little bit more depth into the characters personalities. The art style is also very unique and eye-catching, keeping you immersed in the story.

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves both cute and Shoujo style mangas. I will certainly be suggesting this title to some of my friends.

Breath Of Flowers Manga Volume 1

Azami does not understand her friends' fascination with yuri and yaoi. She's only attracted to boys, especially the handsome Gwyn, who she's had eyes on since the beginning of the year. Intelligent, sporty, attractive and just a little older than Azami, he's the ideal boyfriend. But everything Azami believes comes crashing down when she finds out that Gwyn is actually a girl!

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