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Here’s A Chance To Win Something Free!

Here’s A Chance To Win Something Free!

This is your riddle:

You can't stop me from a good fight,
Come at me and test your might,
Think I'm weak? I'll show you my new form!
Get ready for a KI Storm!

Hint: Trust Your Instinct

For any order you place worth at least $10, get a free $1 Blind Box. Make sure to add the $1 Blind Box to your order and then enter your answer in the Promo field at checkout. If you have the correct answer, your blind box is FREE!

*Limit One Free Blind Box Per Order. But you can place as many orders and get as many Free blind boxes as you want until the code expires 12/10 at 11:59pm cst... as long as you have the right answer ;)

$1 Blind Box Bargain Item

Is anime, manga or Asia-related; Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

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