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Birdboy The Forgotten Children Blu-Ray/DVD Review

Birdboy The Forgotten Children Blu-Ray/DVD Review

-Written by: Quinn

When I first saw the cover of Birdboy The Forgotten Children I thought that I was getting ready to watch a ridiculous funny movie about adorable talking animals who go on wacky adventures. Boy was I wrong! Birdboy is dark, really dark!

Ziska is just starting out learning her craft and she isn’t alone on her journey to heal by way of magic. Niko, her teacher and Master Veterinarian, is a highly educated man and though he’s convinced science is the way of the future he’s not opposed to Ziska’s use of magic. Often it appears as though the teacher is still learning a thing or two from his student – which I’m sure students everywhere can appreciate!

Birdboy takes place on an island populated by a small fishing community. Most of the inhabitants gave up a life of fishing to go work factory jobs. Then one day the factory exploded devastating most of the island and killing all of the fish. The once flourishing environment becomes a landfill. A wasteland of furry critters struggling to survive. The islanders who did survive have to scavenge for copper and other valuable items for money. But that is just on one side of the island. There is another side of the island that was barely touched by the explosion. The inhabitants of this side of the island are living relatively normal lives trying to continue living in peace. Who is Birdboy? He’s a shy outcast loner battling with the demons of his past. Birdboy doesn’t fit in on either side of the island. One side sees him as a monster and the other side sees him as a bad influence who needs to be put in jail. Birdboy has one friend who believes in him, Dinky. Dinky talks to Birdboy and attempts to understand him as she helps him face his demons. Dinky hates the island and wants to leave someday with Birdboy.

Birdboy The Forgotten Children is not an anime, but it deserves your time. This is an animated film written and directed by Albert Vazquez and Perdro Rivero, based on a graphic novel written by Vazquez. This release of Birdboy includes the original short film that made this movie possible and shows the beginning of Birdboy and Dinky’s relationship. Both movies are visually pleasing as they blend cute furry creatures into haunting silhouettes of monsters clawing and riding each other apart. Vazquez created a Disney cartoon with a dark side so if you are in the mood for a morbid coming of age story told to you using woodland animals then pick up Birdboy The Forgotten Children today!

Birdboy The Forgotten Children Blu-ray/DVD

There is light and beauty, even in the darkest of worlds. Stranded on an island in a post-apocalyptic world, teenager Dinky and her friends hatch a dangerous plan to escape in the hope of finding a better life. Meanwhile, her old friend Birdboy has shut himself off from the world, pursued by the police and haunted be demon tormentors. But unbeknownst to anyone, he contains a secret inside him that could change the world forever.

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