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Best Anime Holiday Episodes/Films to Get You Into The Holiday Spirt

Best Anime Holiday Episodes/Films to Get You Into The Holiday Spirt

-Written by: Krystal

One of the best parts of the holiday season is being able to watch all of the different Christmas specials. We put together a list of different Christmas anime, with a variety of themes, that everyone will love this holiday season.

The Pokémon Christmas episodes are some of the best and there’s been so many! Rather than picking just one, we decided to pick our top two. In the first of the following two festive episodes, Pikachu and friends decorate a Christmas tree, which results in a bunch of fun hijinks. In a second episode the following year, the group has to help Santa when he becomes stranded after his reindeer-like Pokémon, Stantler, gets sick and needs help from the other Pokémon to help him get better. The episode has a heartwarming tale that will give viewers the Pokémon Christmas that everyone wishes they can be a part of.

Naru, Keitaro and Mutsumi are in the mists of enduring the struggle of studying for their Tokyo University entrance exams and preparing for the holidays. After finding a love letter among a pile of gifts written by Naru, Kaolla and Sarah decide that it must be for Keitaro. The rest of the special focus’ on Naru and Keitaro’s relationship and whether the love letter was really written for Keitaro. The episode is the romantic Christmas special that every romance enthusiast is looking for.

For fans of Yuri!! On Ice, this episode is an important one. While there is plenty of Christmas spirit throughout the episode consisting of Viktor and Yuri exploring a Christmas Market, the thing that makes this such a good episode is when Yuri gifts Viktor with rings (basically engagement rings) to signify their commitment to each other. The episode is filled with love and happiness, what every Christmas special needs.

Tokyo Godfathers has become a staple to any anime Christmas. The story follows three homeless people who find an abandoned baby girl in a dumpster on Christmas Eve. The three misfits try to find out what happened to the baby’s parents and deal with their own troubled pasts along the way. This feel good Christmas story should make it to the top of your viewing list this holiday season.

This episode is a bit of a comedic take on a “True Meaning of Christmas” episode. If you are interested in watching a truly insane special involving a weirdly buff reindeer, plenty of fight scenes and a ninja santa, well, you found it.

This Christmas special focuses around Rin and Daikichi’s first Christmas together. The story highlights the family dynamic between parent and child. The magic of Christmas shines through the lens of a child that will remind you of your own childhood Christmases. This story doesn’t have any drama similar to the other episodes on this list, but it is still entertaining either way.

This sweet holiday episode will make you feel good all over. When Ryuuji finds out that Taiga is going to be home alone waiting for Santa on Christmas, he decides to dress up as a giant teddy bear and celebrate the holiday with her. This is a story of forgiveness and new beginnings, the exact type of story you will love this holiday season.

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