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Best Halloween Episodes

Best Halloween Episodes

-Written by: Allyn

It’s Fall y'all—and you know what that means; pumpkin spice lattes (and anything else pumpkin spice), flannel shirts, changing leaves, chilly weather, and of course, Halloween! We’re getting into the spooky season spirit with some of our favorite Halloween anime. So grab a blanket, sit back, and sip your latte.

10. Granblue Fantasy: The Animation

Halloween festivities begin to take a turn when Dejetta and friends start their search for a missing boy in this mysterious town.

A special episode called Jack O’Lantern is featured in the seventh blu-ray volume of the anime’s first season. Djeeta and her friends visit an island where Halloween is in full swing. They’re having a great time and enjoying the festivities when the friends begin to hear rumors of a boy that went missing that morning. The group finds itself roaming a spooky castle on a mission to save the missing boy. This episode originally aired on November 8th, 2019, while the second season was still airing and it’s the second episode to feature Djeeta as the main character of Gran.

9. Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel goes trick-or-treating with her friends.

In Gabriel Dropout, angels-in-training study with humans to enhance their education. This anime mainly follows Gabriel’s adventures on Earth with her friends from school. In episode six of season one of the anime, Gabriel and her friends decide to go trick or treating. It may seem childish, but it’s nostalgic enough to get you in the Halloween mood.

8. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru and friends celebrate Halloween with all the best treats.

OK. We all know Himouto! Umaru-chan isn’t really about Halloween. However, the creators thought they’d add some festive flare to the show’s premiere (which was in October). I can’t promise any good scares, but there are plenty of fall treats, decorations, pumpkins, and some cute Halloween costumes.

7. Hyouka

Trick-or-treaters surround the club as they work to solve a mystery.

If you’re not into slice of life or school series, this may not look like a top choice for you. However, if you like mystery, I’d recommend watching Hyouka. This also isn’t all about Halloween, but it’s a constant mystery—so you’ll definitely want to watch the entire series. Houtarou’s sister convinces him to join the Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club (Classics Club) and once he joins, Houtarou and his friends begin finding clues to solve a 45-year old case. Here’s the Halloween part: In episode 14, the Classics Club tries to win a cook-off challenge and they just so happen to be surrounded by trick-or-treaters and people in costumes. A lot of the action and mystery comes together in this episode, so it’s a must watch!

6. The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

Haruhi trying her best to form a typical Halloween costume...somewhat successfully?

The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya aired more than ten years ago, but it’s still a great show that follows the lives of Haruhi and her friends. It’s overdramatic, funny, and just the slice of life we used to love watching on Cartoon Network. In the 13th episode of the series (because 13 = Halloween, duh) called “That’s right! Let’s Celebrate Halloween!”, Haruhi wants to celebrate Halloween, as the title subtly implies. You might expect your typical Halloween festivities in this episode, but since Haruhi has no idea how to celebrate Halloween, things get interesting.

5. Blood: The Last Vampire

Saya getting ready to destroy vampires.

Alright. This one’s for all of you looking for a good scare. Blood: The Last Vampire is not like the cute Halloween pumpkin-themed anime we’ve covered so far. If you actually want scary, this is it. The night before Halloween, vampire slayer, Saya, is sent out to destroy every last vampire. It’s bloody, horrifying, and has truly amazing animation. You’ve been warned.

4. Boogiepop Phantom

Cover art of Boogiepop Phantom.

Well, while we’re talking scary, why not go all out? Boogiepop Phantom may just be the most messed up, terrifying anime I’ve seen to date. It’s not Halloween themed, but it will definitely give you chills. You know when you watch something scary, and you keep thinking of all of the terrifying things that could happen? Well in Boogiepop Phantom, it actually happens—sometimes it’s even more terrifying than you imagined. This title was re-released in 2019 on Blu-ray by Nozomi Entertainment. Oh, it’s also uncensored. So all the gore and horror is literally terrifying. Go watch it!

3. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Festive Halloween parade serving as a distraction from a malicious plan to infect the public.

Cowboy Bebop follows Vincent, a survivor of a brutal experiment that has left him with a deadly pathogen of nanobots. His plan? Infect and kill as many people as possible during a Halloween parade on Mars. Spike and friends try to get a vaccine in time to save everyone before it’s too late. Just imagine giant pumpkins exploding—if that doesn’t get you to watch Cowboy Bebop, I don’t know what will.

2. Bleach

Ichigo and friends dressed in halloween costumes.

We all know Bleach to be the super plot-driven story of Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey as the angsty teenager with the powers of a Soul Reaper. It’s pretty intense. But I guess even the angsty-ist of teens need their rest. The series hits an abrupt pause in plot with episode 304, “Gaiden Again! This Time’s Enemy Is A Monster?” In this episode, Ichigo is caught in his own Halloween-themed dream and is honestly very confused throughout the entire episode. That being said, there are some awesome costumes. Rukia dresses as a succubus, Orihime is a pumpkin ghost, and Uryu dresses as a vampire that can’t drink blood. You don’t have to be a Bleach fan to enjoy this episode!

1. Ouran High School Host Club

Class 1-A exploring the haunted house.

Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin!” combines some Halloween festivities as well as major plot points to Ouran High School Host Club. The episode starts out with Class 1-A having to try and scare other teams in a haunted house—sounds pretty fun. However, things take a turn when the classic story of Cinderella is brought up. Somehow Kaoru thinks that the carriage turning into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight is symbolic of the group’s friendship having to end eventually. And what is scarier than that?! You’ll have to watch this episode to find out what happens! Get ready for fun costumes and some spooky Halloween vibes.

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