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Aria Kickstarter Update form Nozomi Entertainment!

Aria Kickstarter Update form Nozomi Entertainment!

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Last August, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to give the ARIA series its first-ever English dub. And thanks to the dedication of almost 3,000 anime fans, that campaign was a success! Not only did it raise enough to dub every episode of ARIA, but it went on to become one of the most successful anime Kickstarters of all time!

So now, fast forward to May 2018. What’s happened since then? For starters, here’s the official cast list:

We’re also pleased to announce:

Tara Greene as President Aria
Karen Smith as Grandma
Angora Deb as Amelie
Wayne Grayson as Akatsuki
Mike Pollock as the Postman
Michael Alston Baley as Arata (Akatsuki’s older brother)

Recording is already well underway. Season 1 has been completely recorded, and is currently in the mixing stage. “Mixing” means that the actors’ performances are being combined with the music and sound effects, and turned into the final version that you’ll hear when you pop in your Blu-ray.

Meanwhile, here at Nozomi headquarters, we’ve been working on creating a new upscale for the series. When the mixes for season 1 are finalized and approved, we’ll combine them with the fresh new video, and create ARIA’s first-ever US Blu-ray release.

Once the Blu-rays for season 1 of ARIA are complete, they’ll ship out to backers along with the pledge tier rewards. (The other seasons will ship later, as they’re completed.) So if you’re a backer, make sure to check the ARIA Kickstarter page for updates!

Updates also go out to backers via email, so be sure to check the email account you used to make your Kickstarter pledge!

What if you’re not a backer? Unfortunately, it’s too late to join in on the ARIA Kickstarter, but after a holdback period, the ARIA Blu-rays will eventually be sold at www.rightstufanime.com, so you can still grab them!

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