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Anime Romance Tropes

Anime Romance Tropes

-Written by: Jenny

The romance genre is a topic we know all too well and can recognize immediately in anime, which is why many of us have a favorite couple, love scene, or series. Whether we have fallen in love with that character, moment, or plot, we know an Anime Romance when we see it. Because love stories are as common as the cold. Once you catch a good one, it’s hard to forget! Take a look at these most familiar themes or tropes found in anime romances!


A harem is a situation where three or more people show a romantic interest in one character. Usually, it is one guy with a bunch of women, which could be the ultimate dream for some. Warning, you might enjoy the intense drama in these romantic scenes. When the roles are reversed, this is known as a Reverse Harem. A girl is liked by many handsome men and she can’t make up her mind about which guy she likes the best. But can you blame her for being so indecisive around all those attractive men?

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If you enjoy watching one guy with lots of women or the one girl with lots of men, you might enjoy Amagami and Ouran High School Host Club.

Magical Girlfriend Dates Human Boyfriend

She might be a Goddess and he might be an average geek but together they make a dynamic couple. Which means, their love isn’t going to be a typical romance. For instance, the Magical Girlfriend can create problems with no solutions and the boyfriend might feel uneasy to handle her. But in the end, they always make it work by becoming each other’s rescuer in life’s obstacles.

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Check out these magical girlfriend and human boyfriend tropes... And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? and Unmagical Girl Manga.

Two Romantic Leads End Up Living Together

In this trope, two romantic leads are set up to end up of living together. The circumstances of how they end up in this situation are hilarious, fun, and romantic. A plot example would be where the main character’s family tragically passes away that forces him to leave his home. Fortunately, his love interest lives in the same neighborhood so he moves in. And soon after, the romantic drama starts.

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End up loving Clannad and Junjo Romantica Too!

The Shy Girl Likes the Popular Guy

There is something special about watching a shy girl get the guy of her dreams! These intense, shy moments where she stumbles to speak or make eye contact gives us the nostalgia feeling we once had on our crushes. Love is never an easy thing to deal with, especially for these adorable girls. But their attempts to conquer it is almost hilarious.

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Time Traveling Romance

There is a time and place for everything, even for romance. For many of us, time travel is a mesmerizing theory where we might get a second chance to change our past or experience something over again. Here characters are given the opportunity to change their fate and the fate of the one they love... but will they take the chance?

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Lose your sense of time with these other Romance Anime with Time Travel, including Erased and Steins Gate.

The Bad Boy Crush

Mysterious, gorgeous, and all around bad; these Bad Boy Romances make for a steamy love situation. He is the coldest and cruelest person, but underneath those bad boy vibes is a sweet gentle man! We all know that we should fall for the good guy but bad boys make us feel good to just be... Bad.

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Don’t forget about these anime bad boys in Maid Sama and Monthly Girls.

Love Triangle

A competition that involves love never gets old. This typical anime romance situation is where the main character has to choose between two relationships. Love triangles offer suspense, complex feelings, and revealing secrets. You can’t help but root for your favorite guy or girl to win the main character’s heart!

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You’ll also love these Romantic affairs. Escalfowne the complete tv series and School Days.

That Childhood Friend

There is a saying that you should always marry your best friend, which literally happens in anime romances! These characters develop romantic feelings toward his or her childhood best friend. In the beginning, they are shown as friends but later they realize their strong affection for each other. There might be some awkward moments of puberty thrown in…but growing pains are part of love too!

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Explore more Childhood Crushes with Tamako Love Story and Ai Yori Aoshi Complete Blu-ray.

Cherry Blossoms, Fireworks, School Rooftops

There is more to romances then just hugs and kisses. Setting the romance mood usually involves cherry blossoms, fireworks, and school rooftops. Cherry blossoms are used to represent first love, fireworks ignite the romantic feelings, and school rooftops is where most romantic encounters happen. Here is where all the good stuff takes place; flashbacks, confessions, and self-reflections.

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Romantic Moment Gets Interrupted

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The two main romantic characters lock eyes and motion towards each other for a kiss, when suddenly the parent walks into the room demanding to know about grades. These scenes happen frequently in anime romances where the intimacy is cut short by an unexpected event. Although the moment lasts only for a nanosecond, we can’t help but feel satisfied to see they almost got away with it.

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