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Anime Madness 2023: Round 3 Voting

Anime Madness 2023: Round 3 Voting

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Round 3 Voting Is Open!

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The greatest spectacle in otaku polling returns! That's right Anime Madness is back for 2023! Get ready to put on your dancing shoes and bust some brackets, because it's game on!

Thirty-two of the biggest franchises across anime, manga, and light novels will compete in 5 knockout rounds. These epic bouts will determine the ultimate title in all oktau-dom, Anime Madness Champion. Who will raise their fists in triumph? YOU decide! The winner is decided by fan vote, and anyone with a Right Stuf account can participate. An added wrinkle: The items are on sale! The longer they stay in the tournament, the longer they remain the sale as well!

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Along with cheering on your favorite, you can also win great Anime Madness prizes of your own! Before the tournament begins, you can fill out a prediction bracket. After a champion is crowned, the three lucky fans with the highest scoring brackets will win anime-zing prizes sponsored by our awesome vendors!

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Each participant must completely fill out a bracket with the franchise they think will win each match-up for all five rounds. We will be accepting brackets starting March 5th, and Round 1 of the tournament will begin on March 12th. Points are earned by picking the winner from each matchup. Correct picks are worth a set amount of points each round. See the schedule and point values below:

  • Brackets Open: March 5th through March 11th
  • Round 1 Voting: March 12th through March 15th - 1 point
  • Round 2 Voting: March 16th through March 19th - 2 points
  • Round 3 Voting: March 20th through March 23rd - 4 points
  • Round 4 Voting: March 24th through March 26th - 8 points
  • Round 5 Final Showdown: March 27th through March 29th - 16 points
  • Winning Title Announced: March 30th

The winning title will remain on sale from March 30th through April 1st.