Anime Madness 2018

Anime Madness 2018

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

It's time to put on your dancing shoes and tell the DJ to play your favorite song! The big dance is BACK! ANIME MADNESS 2018 BABY!

5 rounds of top selling products going head-to-head competing for the fans votes. 32 Titles, 16 Studios and Publishers, and YOU get to decide which title will be crowned champion!

Only one item can win the tournament but the 3 lucky fans with the highest scoring brackets will win an anime filled prize pack sponsored by our awesome venders!

Round 2 Voting has Begun!

The Field Has Been Cut In Half And We're Down To The Sweet 16! Your Favorite Title Needs Your Help To Keep Going!

You don't want to see your bracket get busted early in the tournament, so round up everyone you know to come vote! Not only does voting for your favorite keep your bracket alive, but as long as they haven't been eliminated, select items will get the Anime Madness treatment and be discounted throughout the tournament!

Will it be a well known Fan Favorite that's the last title standing? Or will we have a Cinderella Story where the underdog rises to the top? Only YOU can decide!

Click Here for Round 2 Voting!

Bracket submission has ended, let the voting Begin!

Points are earned by picking the winner from each match up. Correct picks are worth a set amount of points in each round. (See below)

  • March 12th to 18th Round 1- 1 point
  • March 19th to 22nd Round 2- 2 points
  • March 23rd to 25th Round 3- 4 points
  • March 26th to 27th Round 4- 8 points
  • March 28th to 30th Round 5- 16 Points

Right Stuf Anime could not have put on this tournament without the help of our studio and publisher sponsors:

* Anime Madness coupon code cannot be combined with other offers and expires on 3/31/2018.

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