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Surprising Anime Easter Eggs

Surprising Anime Easter Eggs

-Written by: Will

As with any piece of media, anime is influenced by a bunch of different media and people. So it makes sense that creators want to honor the works of others that inspire them. They often like to leave things called Easter Eggs, small references to other works that only eagle-eyed viewers can spot and appreciate. In this post/video, we are going to discuss some of the Easter Eggs we discovered that surprised us and or made us laugh.

Squidward in Gurren Lagann

Squidward can be seen in the bottom right corner of the screenshot. How did he end up there? From Gurren Lagann.

You read that right. In episode 12 during the underwater fight against Viral, we see none other than Squiward appear aboard the Spiral ship. It’s not the only time the series director, Hiroyuki Imaishi, referenced western media. In Kill la Kill episode four, Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction appear as background characters.

Jules and Vincent are hanging out in the top left of the screenshot. Vincent is even wearing his Fiat Slug t-shirt. From Kill la Kill. 

Light Yagami in Death Parade

On a tablet, we see footage of a man who looks just like Light awaiting his fate. From Death Parade.

Oh the irony. In episode 11 of Death Parade, Light shows up briefly on a camera footage as a guest at Viginti. It turns out Studio Madhouse animated both Death Note and Death Parade, and the leads for both anime share the same Japanese voice actor. It also makes too much sense for Light to be awaiting his fate in a game-centric limbo.

MyAnimeList in Sword Art Online

Among the screenshots swirling around the Game Master, one looks very similar to MyAnimeList. From Sword Art Online.

In episode one while the Game Master tells his evil plan, screenshots of different websites fly around him. One of those screenshots looks very similar to a page from MyAnimeList. It’s not an exact copy, but it’s close enough to be more than a coincidence.

Himouto! Umaru-chan In Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya is holding Umaru's iconic hoodie. What would Kaguya look like with the hoodie on? From Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War.

In the fourth episode of season one, Kaguya pulled out an orange hoodie that’s instantly recognizable. It’s none other than the hoodie worn by Umaru Doma. This may appear to be a weird Easter Egg, but both the Kaguya-Sama and Himouto manga are published in the same magazine, Weekly Young Jump, so it makes sense that one references the other.

Starship Enterprise in Dragon Ball Z

One of the helicopters recording the fight (left) has the same registry code as the USS Enterprise (right). From Dragon Ball Z and Star Trek IV.

Okay, not quite but almost. As Vegeta and Nappa are about to battle several of the Z Fighters in season one episode six, news helicopters can be seen recording the action. One of those helicopters has the registry code NCC-1701-A. That is the same code for the USS Enterprise in Star Trek movies four, five, and six.

Monty Python in Girls Und Panzer

On the left is from Girls un Panzer. On the right is the Monty Python sketch, Spam. From Girls und Panzer and Monty Python's Flying Circus.

No one expects Monty Python! In the second OVA, the girls get super excited about spam, chanting it over and over. Then they cut to the girls dressed as vikings chanting the word. They’re dressed up just like the vikings in Monty Python’s Spam sketch, where the viking patrons do nothing but, you guessed it, chant the word Spam.

South Park in Yuri!!! On Ice

Young JJ Leroy (left) from Yuri!!! On Ice is wearing the same outfit as Eric Cartman from South Park (right).

In episode 12 of Yuri!!! On Ice, during a flashback to JJ’s childhood, JJ is donning the same outfit worn by Eric Cartman. Why the random reference? In the 277th episode of South Park, it is shown that Ike has watched Naruto and Yuri!!! On Ice.

The Yuri!!! On Ice crew decided to return the favor and leave this little Easter Egg for fans of both shows to catch.

The Fridge in Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy

Spike throws out a fridge in Cowboy Bebop (left). In Space Dandy, the same fridge is found on a junk planet (right).

In the ending to the hilarious Cowboy Bebop episode Toys in the Attic, Spike jettisons out a fridge into space. What happened to the fridge? Turns out it ended up in the universe of Space Dandy. In episode eight of that show, Dandy and his crew land on a junk planet, and the fridge is standing amongst the junk pile.

The Costumes In Servant X Service

Hanging on the wall from left to right are clothes from Monogatari, Attack On Titan, Anohana, and Madoka Magica. From Servant X Service.

In episode 12 of this romantic-comedy, there’s a bunch of costumes shown off on the wall. From left to right, there are costumes from:

Easy references to make when one of your characters is a cosplay enthusiast!

That wraps up the Easter Eggs. Was there one that we missed? Is there an Easter Egg in a manga that you like? Send us a mention on social media. We would love to learn more surprising secrets creators have left in their work.

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