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A Witch's Printing Office Manga Volume 1 Review

A Witch's Printing Office Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Andrew

What would happen if a fantasy world and Comiket fused? You would get A Witch’s Printing Office written by Mochinchi. The story follows Mika Kamiya, a human girl who gets brought to a fantasy world. All she wants to do is get back home. In order to increase her chances of finding a spell to let her go back to her world, she did what anyone else would do and starts up a magical printing office.

Another step Mika takes is creating Magiket, a place where wizards, mages, and witches from all over can buy and sell magic tomes. Mika soon realizes how big this event is and is not ready for how crazy it becomes. Just imagine a wild event like Comiket or Comic-con, now add in all kinds of magic and spells causing all kinds of chaos. Mika and her group have their work cut out for them. There’s also side stories like a Blacksmith feud and some werewolf troubles to help flush out Mika’s character. All the characters that show up have a purpose and fulfill it perfectly. Even side characters give a lot to the story, some of which are my favorites, like the Mighty Gandolf and Naki the Necromancer.

It is interesting to see how all the magic users react to the new event and how Mika handles it. The hilarity found in this book is exaggerated, but Mika seems relatable and down to Earth. She has a goal and will do anything to get it, but at the same time shows her limits from all the long days and people she has to put up with. This story breathed new life into the popular "in another world" trope. I can't wait to keep up with this series and see what funny situations Mika gets herself into!

A Witch’s Printing Office

Mika Kamiya was a completely average girl on her way back home from Japan's biggest amateur comics and book-selling event, Comic Market...until she got whisked off to a parallel fantasy world! To get back home, Mika is going to have to look for transportation magic at the magic tome-selling event, Magic Market!

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