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Zo Zo Zombie Manga Volume 1

Zo Zo Zombie Manga Volume 1

-Written by: Robert

Isamu, a fifth-grade boy, has heard that there have been zombie sightings at a local park, so he goes to see for himself. He doesn’t believe things like that really exist, but when he gets to the park he finds something buried in the sandbox. Is it another boy? No, it’s a zombie, an undead creature! It rises from the sand and begins following him, oozing blood and gloop. Isamu discovers, to his horror, that he’s lost his wallet so he can’t even call anyone for help. Will this zombie catch him, and kill him?

It sounds like a set-up for a horror comic, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. The zombie boy in Zo Zo Zombie turns out to be more interested in becoming friends with Isamu than in eating his brains. In fact, the only reason he was chasing Isamu in the first place is because he wanted to give him back the wallet he lost. This is a gag comic, filled mostly with gross-out jokes centering on the zombie boy’s ability to remove various bits of his body (as well as a lot of poop and fart jokes).

There are a couple of things you should know about this comic. First off, it isn’t a graphic novel as such. There isn’t a storyline running through the whole thing. Instead, it’s a series of stand-alone jokes. Second, those jokes aren’t what you might call sophisticated. After all, this is aimed at kids, probably ten-year-olds. The humor is juvenile, because the target audience is juveniles. The real question to ask is whether it’s good juvenile humor. And the answer is: it’s pretty good. For instance, there’s one bit where Isamu just wants to go home and play video games, while zombie boy keeps trying to barge in and disturb him. Any kid who’s ever had a little brother will laugh at that. There’s another gag where Isamu discovers that zombie boy can pee without waking himself up: he just sends his lower half to the toilet while his head still snoozes. Again, the sort of thing that will make a fifth-grade kid giggle. It’s a little bit naughty (whereas scary zombies eat people, Zo Zo’s zombie eats clothes, leaving Isamu naked), a little bit gross (his zombie radar processes data and delivers it as poop), and more than a little bit silly. And sometimes, that’s what you want.

Zo Zo Zombie Manga Volume 1

Zombie boy isn't your average kid, and while being a zombie might not at first seem like an ideal lifestyle, you'd be amazed by what this little guy is capable of. A laugh-out-loud comedy sure to have boys and girls alike rocking in their chairs!

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