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Yoshi no Zuikara Manga Volume 1 Review

Yoshi no Zuikara Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jennifer

Toshibou reassures Naruhiko by telling him to perserve with his manga idea (Yoshi no Zuikara).

Fans of Barakamon Rejoice! Our favorite mangaka is back with an all-new series, Yoshi no Zuikara: The Frog in the Well Does Not Know the Ocean. This time instead of a calligrapher going to an island to take a breather it’s about the journey of a manga artist who goes back home to his village to get inspiration! Also, instead of our favorite little squirt from Barakamon, Naru, we now have her older male equivalent, Toshibou, that cheers on the main character just the same. If you loved the hilarious and heartwarming story of Barakamon then you’ll definitely want to check out this one!

Yoshi no Zuikara is about the story of Naruhiko whose work has always been fantasy, but his manager wants him to try his hand at the slice of life genre. This is hard for him as Naruhiko is quite the shut-in and hasn’t experienced life! To get inspiration he travels to an island where he starts to create a story about a group of small-town village boys and the love they have for their only teacher. The story he wrote is possibly based on his own experiences as a young kid but that has not been confirmed yet. For Naruhiko getting inspiration isn’t as easy as it seems and returning to his roots is scarier than he originally thought!

Toshibou getting super pumped up and congratulating Naruhiko on his hard work (Yoshi no Zuikara).

It was interesting how this story started off with the story Naruhiko came up with. I even sensed that the story was based on author Satsuki Yoshino’s own personal experience in a small town village. It’s a well thought out manga but I feel like it’s missing something or just wasn’t put together right for the first volume, I kind of want a more in-depth introduction to our main character or confirmation on if the story he wrote was based on his past. Other than that minor thing, I highly recommend this manga if you’re looking for a manga to de-stress and relax with.

Yoshi no Zuikara Manga Volume 1

A new story about one man's creative struggles arrives courtesy of Satsuki Yoshino, author of Barakamon! Can a ten-year manga artist with experience only in the fantasy genre pivot to drawing a down-to-Earth story about regular folks? Is it sink-or-swim for Naruhiko Toono and his career?

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