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Watch It Wednesday Wants YOU!

Watch It Wednesday Wants YOU!

-Written by: Allyn

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Since we’re past our busiest time of year (Holiday Sale), we want to get our Watch It Wednesday series started again! Watch it Wednesday is how Right Stuf lets you know what we’re watching—and we love sharing with you! This year, we want to hear from YOU! We’re anime fans just like you, and we can always use more recommendations!

Starting February 5, Right Stuf will be accepting viewer submissions for Watch It Wednesday! All you have to do is submit your video—we’ll edit and post it to our channel! Prior to your submission, you’ll have to fill out a Watch It Wednesday Video Submission Form and send it to marketing@rightstuf.com. You can also send your form via U.S. Mail by downloading the form, printing off your own copy, and mailing it to:

Right Stuf, Inc.
512 NE Main St.
Grimes, IA 50111-2188

Once you send us your form, you can start creating your videos and submitting them to us!

To Submit:
Choose an anime (16+ and below—no adult titles)
Create a video talking about your anime. Here are some video guidelines:
Start by sharing your first name and what anime you’re talking about
Show a copy of your anime if available!
Tell us why you like this anime
Summarize it!
Make sure your background is clear (no posters, brands, pictures, etc.)
End with “Thanks for watching Watch It Wednesday!”
Send in your video to marketing@rightstuf.com

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We hope that this will be a good platform for our fellow anime fans to interact with us as a company and a community . We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re watching!