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Total Eclipse Of The Eternal Heart Manga Review

Total Eclipse Of The Eternal Heart Manga Review

-Written by: Quinn

A psychopath serial killer took the lives of nine boys back in the year 1920, but that’s all in the past. In the modern day, Hoshino Terumichi is haunted by a strange dream while his classmate, Omihiko Yamada, seems to have taken a liking to him. However, just as Terumichi confesses his mutual love, Yamada is killed. Or is he?

There’s a lot to unpack in Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart which is a standalone manga. Among its many themes are: teenage love, a series of murders, two different time eras, reincarnation, and the undead. Amazingly, I wasn’t overwhelmed by it all nor did I feel like any pieces to the puzzle were ignored once they were introduced. The author, Syundei, keeps a steady, on-beat storytelling pace and even manages to seamlessly integrate a somewhat lengthy flashback scene to boot. I found it really interesting how the two time eras are interconnected, plus how the events of the past influence the present day. Since this is a Murder-mystery (of a sort) I don’t want to spoil anything by delving deeper into the plot, but I will say I enjoyed every page-turning hook.

Yaoi fans will enjoy the touching romance between the two leads, but it’s not the main focus of Syundei’s plot. While there are a couple of scenes that go way beyond kissing, they’re short and really don’t serve much of a purpose when it comes to the plotline. What does take center stage are the many reasons that collimate into one as to why so many people are out to kill Yamada! How everything is put to rest at the end is quite tantalizing. I’d recommend this standalone manga to anyone looking for a good, short murder-mystery.

Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart Manga

High schooler Hoshino Terumichi has been haunted by a recurring dream: a young man, a century earlier, dying at the hands of another man he calls “Sensei.” This dream--or curse--is about to merge with reality when a mysterious, attractive classmate named Yamada Omihito steps into Terumichi’s life.

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