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Top Titles to Add to Your Collection this Holiday!

Top Titles to Add to Your Collection this Holiday!

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Gift-giving season is already here! With so many great titles from so many great publishers, it can be hard to choose which to purchase next. To help you find the next item in your collection, we’re recommending a single title from each publisher.

Aniplex - Sword Art Online Box Set Blu-Ray

Possibly the most popular anime of the decade, Sword Art Online is able to pull both anime and non-anime fans into its world. The story follows gamer Kirito as he tries out the hot new MMORPG called, you guessed it, Sword Art Online. BVut things turn hairy when Kirito and other players find out that if you die in the game… you die in real life! Filled with great action, it’s a thrilling roller coaster ride.

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Funimation - Attack On Titan Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD

This is an anime that no one can stop talking about for good reason. Besides featuring some of the best animation this decade, it also boasts a mysterious, intricate storyline that will instantly hook you. The season 2 LE comes with a two-panel digibook with 24 pages of art and character information and a 60-page art book to make it worth your while.

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Good Smile - Platelet Cells At Work! Nendoroid Figure

That’s right, figures are on sale! Nendoroids are super popular for their chibi look and props that can be used by any Nendoroid figure. This Platelet from Cells at Work! comes with three expressions and several optional parts, including her yellow bag, whistle, toy rake, and traffic flag.

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Kodansha Comics - Vinland Saga Manga Volume 1 (Hardcover)

TThis story about vikings and revenge not only makes for great anime but also great manga. The main character Thorfinn is a compelling lead, and the deep dive into history is cool to see. The bloody, gorgeous action also drives home the real-life stakes the characters face. Bound in great hardcover volumes, it’s a manga everyone should check out.

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Nozomi Entertainment - Boogiepop Phantom TV Series Complete Collection Blu-Ray

If you want something spooky this Christmas, Boogiepop Phantom is where it’s at! A mix of mystery and horror, the story is told through the eyes of the people who encounter the supernatural being Boogiepop, thought to be the culprit behind a series of murders. It’s as much fun to put the puzzle pieces of the mystery together yourself as it is watching it unfold.

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Sentai Filmworks - Grimoire Of Zero Premium Edition Box Set Blu-Ray

This is a fantasy title people have been going nuts over this Holiday Sale. The former-human-now-half-tiger named Mercenary hates witches for turning him into a monster. But when a witch tells him she can turn him human again, he joins her on a quest for a spellbook that can destroy the world! This box set comes with a chipboard box, a 96-page hardcover booklet, and six art cards.

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Shout Factory - Spirited Away Collector's Edition Blu-Ray

Studio Ghibli films are in the Holiday Sale for the first time! Chihiro’s journey to escape the spirit world and save her parents is an all-time classic, and this collector's edition is able to honor that legacy. The hard slipcase houses a 40-page art book with essays by film critic Kenneth Turan and famed critic and film historian Leonard Maltin, plus statements by Toshio Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki and the Soundtrack from the film on CD.

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Sunrise - Mobile Fighter G Gundam Ultra Edition Blu-Ray

That’s right, Gundam is on sale! This mix of Street Fighter and Gundam is a blast to watch. The Gundam designs have never been crazier, and the plot has never been more fun. The Ultra Edition includes a hardback art book, Domon's headband, a Tequila Gundam shot glass, Shuffle Card Alliance patches, a G-Gundam Lanyard, and art cards.

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Viz Books - Komi Can't Communicate Manga Volume 1

This surprise hit from manga publisher Viz Books is a delight to read.. Komi’s mission to get 100 friends in spite of her social anxiety is very relatable and never turns mean. The observational humor is on point, and Komi’s reactions will leave you laughing every time.

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From Right Stuf Anime, have a happy holidays!