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Top 10 New Manga: Summer Reading List

Top 10 New Manga: Summer Reading List

-Written by: Jennifer

We're escaping into all the manga we can this summer! With so many hot titles, it was hard to choose--but we've finally come up with our Top 10 New Manga--and so begins our Summer Reading List!

Spy X Family Manga Volume 1

The top-selling newest gem, Spy x Family, has made it to first place on our list of Top 10 Newest Manga to Read during the summer! This manga is absolutely perfect for those who are just getting into the realm of manga or want to try something new from their usual favorite genres. It’s a refreshing read with very unique characters and hilarious moments guaranteed to make you smile.

What is it about you ask? A lone-wolf spy is given the impossible assignment of getting married and having a kid! Twilight, our secret agent of the story, is faced with this peculiar challenge, and little does he know it's about to get even crazier… His wife is a ruthless assassin and his child is a gifted telepath. He must go undercover as a normal run-of-the-mill man in order to infiltrate an elite private school. Will he be able to balance his new family and his secret agent life?!

My Dress-Up Darling Manga Volume 1

Hitting the shoujo world by storm, a new challenger has appeared: it’s none other than My Dress-Up Darling! This top-selling and way-too-cute manga has made it to second place on our list of Top 10 Newest Manga to Read! This story is perfect for those who love seeing adorable moments unfold or for those who love reading a wholesome story that’ll hit close to home for fans of anime.

This story follows a young high school boy, Wakana Gojo, who loves to make clothing for traditional Japanese Dolls. From a childhood incident, Gojo fears he will be judged for his unusual hobby, and one day after school he is spotted sewing by his fellow pretty and popular girl classmate, Marin Kitagawa. Little does he know Marin has her own secret cosplay hobby! So Gojo didn’t get the disgusted reaction he was expecting from her instead, Marin was beyond intrigued and excited at Gojo’s unique talent! She asked him to help her make her dream cosplay outfit. Can Gojo, who’s only ever made clothes for dolls, really make a whole outfit for this beautiful girl?!

Chainsaw Man Manga Volume 1

Hey, it’s me! The person writing this. I just wanted to say that I had to put the masterpiece, Chainsaw Man, on the list for 3rd place! Yeah, it’s that AMAZING. I know it has quite the unusual name and front cover art, but I guarantee you’re going to love it! It’s one of those manga that reaches god-level creativeness and character development to the point where you can’t stop reading it.

Chainsaw Man is about a poor young man named Denji, who’s best friend is part pooch and part chainsaw demon. Together they hunt demons and work towards their dreams, but one unfortunate day they were betrayed by their employer. In order to survive Pochita, the devil dog companion, did the unthinkable and infused himself with Denji. Now with his newfound power, Denji has become a new man-- The chainsaw man!

Blue Flag Manga Volume 1

Love can be one of the most intense and complex feelings a human can feel. Ranking number #4 on our list is Blue Flag, a story about high schoolers discovering themselves, their sexualities, and what it really means to be in love. Love triangles, squares, any shapes in the universe, has always been tricky to make a story with as it never turns out just right, but that is simply not the case with Blue Flag. This manga will slap you with the feels as the emotions being portrayed feel real and you’re bound to care in such a delicate way for the characters.

Blue Flag follows high schoolers in their last year of high school… the final step between teen and adulthood. Years of friendship have now been turned into romantic feelings. Unrequited love, heartbreak, rejection…love isn’t easy at all. The main character, Taichi, finds out that his shy classmate, Futaba, likes his tall and athletic best friend, Toma. Together the two of them come up with plans to get closer to Toma, but little do they know what’s about to happen to them or their friendships.

Sweat And Soap Manga Volume 1

We all have those moments where we’ve caught a whiff of ourselves and it wasn’t pleasant. What you don’t expect is a romance story to stem from it! This is Sweat and Soap, the one of a kind wholesome read that made it to #5 on our list! It was originally a short one-shot story but it received so much support and love it became the manga you see today! Insecurities, dating, working, real genuine feelings, and the ups and downs of being an adult is what makes this manga a sweat—I mean sweet read!

The story follows a girl named Asako who is working at the toiletry maker, Liliadrop. But she has a secret: The reason she loves the company so much is that she’s ashamed of her body odor, and their soap is the only thing that’s ever helped her. So when the company’s lead product developer, a perfuming genius, approaches her in the lobby and wonders what “that smell” is, she’s terrified—but is it actually because he likes it? That he likes her? And most surprising of all, she might just like him back!

Ascendance Of A Bookworm Part 1 Novel Volume 1

The best-selling novel that recently got an anime adaptation and also a manga adaptation has ranked 6th place on our list! The one of a kind tale about a girl who’s reborn in another world and wants to be a librarian in a world where books are a rarity. This manga/novel is perfect for fans of the popular isekai theme and for those that have been waiting for a heart-warming fantasy with an inspiring female lead!

The story follows a college book-lover girl who dies in an accident and suddenly finds herself in a new world as a sickly little girl! Unfortunately, there are next to zero books in this new strange world. Not a problem for our heroine though! She comes up with the brilliant idea of making them herself. Follow our sweetheart protagonist as she begins her adventure to make her dream a reality.

Downfall Manga

Ranking 7th place on our list is Downfall, an award-nominated manga by the best-selling author, Inio Asano (Best known for his works Goodnight Punpun and Solanin). Sometimes the best stories aren’t always the ones about sunshine and rainbows but about overcoming and fighting the darkest parts life has to offer. As an author, Inio perfectly captures that very darkness and true reality of being an author. You are the character in this story, and living the life of your dreams can become your very downfall.

Being an author seems like a fun and easy job… until all you think about is selling copies to get by. It doesn’t matter that your first series has ended or that your life is falling apart, you have to keep going. The industry has destroyed the manga you used to love so dearly. Nothing seems to fill the empty void inside of you. Just another new hit manga right? Everything will be okay, right…?

Samurai 8 Manga Volume 1

Rolling in at 8th place is the best-selling manga Samurai 8, by the creator of Naruto! For fans of Naruto you know what to expect: intense fight scenes, characters pushing their limits to the extreme, and an incredible story that’ll grow with you. But now instead of ninjas, it’s with samurais in space!

The story follows Hachimaru, a boy who wants to be a Samurai but his dream feels near to impossible as he can’t even survive without the help of his father. But when a samurai cat suddenly appears, his life changes in that moment and his dream feels within reach. Follow Hachimaru on his journey to become a legendary samurai!

GIGANT Manga Volume 1

Number #9 on our list is GIGANT written by one of the best-selling authors of science fiction manga, Hiroya Oku! For those who are fans of Gantz and Inuyashiki, I highly recommend checking GIGANT out! Hiroya perfectly blends realism and fantasy to create his brilliant and original manga.

The story follows a young normal high school boy named Rei who dreams of one day being a film director. One fateful night he runs into a beautiful and popular adult film star whom he’s always admired. They find out they have many things in common and as the two of them get close something strange happens… she suddenly gains the power to grow to a whopping sky-scraper height! Something that only happens in the movies becomes real life! Is it alien technology or a military weapon?! What awaits our GIGANTic girl and Rei?

Given Manga Volume 1

The beautiful story that combines the melody of music and the heart is the final manga on our list. The story of a band, friendships, and love. This is Given. Sometimes a song can save your life. Even if you’re not a fan of boys’ love, Given is something anyone can enjoy reading. Give Given a try it will be worth it!

The story follows a young highschool boy, Ritsuka Uenoyama, who starts to get bored with his life and his love for playing the guitar. Until the day he finds his favorite spot to get away from it all is occupied by a mysterious boy sleeping on a broken stringed guitar. The sleeping boy is Mafuyu Sato, a boy with a pure soul and a powerful singing voice. Ritsuka at first was resistant to letting Mafuyu join his band but when he heard him sing he knew what he was destined to do.

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