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Tokyo Ghoul RE Zakki Illustrations Review

Tokyo Ghoul RE Zakki Illustrations Review

-Written by: Kelly

Just for reference, I have never seen the anime, Tokyo Ghoul:Re, but now that I’ve read the art book I’m defiantly going to start watching the anime. When I started at Right Stuf I did not know much about Tokyo Ghoul: Re but after seeing how highly acclaimed the series was I became more interested. I heard a lot of hype about the art in Tokyo Ghoul so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore an art book, and it was. The art style of Sui Ishida feels especially unique. He uses white, black, grey, red, lavender and pastel colors frequently, which gives the art a relaxing yet contrasting feel that is supported by his use of water colors that blur through the lines within the images. This is the type of art you want all over your walls. The art is extensive, there is even Hunter x Hunter spin-off art, which includes images of characters as playing cards and even images of character stickers. There is extensive information throughout the book in regards to Ishida's inspiration and character design choices, which I feel help to gain a deeper understanding of Tokyo Ghoul: re. The interview with the author at the back was hilarious as well. Overall, if you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul and love the art style of Sui Ishida I would 100% recommend this book. Below I decided to share my favorite images form the art book. Enjoy!

 Going from left to right, the 1st image is found on pg 160., the 2nd image is found on pg 250., the 3rd image is on pg 159., and the last image is on pg 68.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Illustrations Zakki Hardcover

A full-color art book showcasing creator Sui Ishida’s incredible work on Tokyo Ghoul :re, the best-selling sequel series to the hit manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul :re Illustrations: zakki features artwork and behind-the-scenes notes, commentary and a Q&A from Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. Discover the creative process behind the popular series in gloriously ghoulish full color.

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