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The Right Stuf Anime Home Makeover

The Right Stuf Anime Home Makeover

-Written by: Michael B

Welcome to Right Stuf Inc. Our corporate headquarters is located in Grimes, Iowa which is just outside the state capital of Des Moines. We are currently the largest online anime retailer in the Americas and are proud to be part of this wonderful midwest community.

The property our company currently sits on has been in use for quite a long time. Way back in the late 1800s, it used to be a vegetable processing company. Over the years it had some name changes and went from processing vegetables, to making dog food, and eventually tortilla chips. Since then the Dark Lord (our President Shawne Kleckner) has made many changes. Right Stuf purchased the property in early 2004 and it took 9 months of remodeling & modifications before it could start to be used to store anime for all of our anime-zing customers.

Personally, I was born and raised in Las Vegas where there really isn’t much history to speak of. When something gets too old they just implode it and build something new. I guess that’s why I find the history of this property so fascinating. While walking in the Shipping/Receiving Dept, I imagine what it must have been like over 100 years ago seeing beans baking in huge caldrons, then canning them up to be labeled and loaded onto a railcar on the train tracks that used to run along the edge of this property. Below you’ll see some very old pictures that include horses hitched up to wagons where our main warehouse currently sits.

So, sit back, scroll down, and enjoy this look into the past.