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The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Novel Review

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Novel Review

-Written by: Angelica

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl, is a novel that features two main characters: A girl and a boy. The boy has a huge crush on the girl and spends most of his time trying to come up with ways to approach her and speak to her, but he often fails and gets caught up in adventures. The girl on the other hand is clueless to the fact that he even exists and has her own adventures. She eventually starts noticing him more throughout the chapters, but she really does her own thing.

One of the most fascinating things in this book was the advice that the girl was given from the side characters. There were a couple words of advice that I am taking myself, but throughout the whole book, one stuck to me the most: “Everyone has to search out their own happiness for themselves. The constructive way to worry is to ask yourself what happiness is to you. If you never stop asking yourself that question, life will be worthwhile.” Throughout the whole book, the main characters tend to search for their own happiness. The boy tends to keep the same goal, which is to meet the girl and get her to notice him. However, the girl tends to have different things that she searches for, which draws her into more adventures.

Another fascinating thing this book does is jump from the different perspectives of the two main characters. I very much enjoyed getting to see both views of the story and how they both thought of each other. What was interesting is that neither of the main characters ever said each other’s names; they always referred to each other as “boy” and “girl”. While this was interesting, the author didn’t really let you know when you were transferring to the other character’s perspective. When reading the book, most of the time, you had to guess what character you were reading, but typically about 4 sentences in, you could figure out which perspective you were reading from. If the author would’ve changed that part of the book, it would’ve been the perfect read.

While I am not a person that is into manga or anime, I wanted to try a novel that piqued my interest to see if this may be an opening to the world of anime and manga. While my interest in manga or anime has yet to be determined, this book definitely got its hooks in me. If there was to be a second book, I would be picking it off the shelf immediately.

The Night Is Short Walk On Girl Novel (Hardcover)

A college student spends an evening out, unwittingly attracting the attention of various men whose paths she crosses. One in particular, an upperclassman who has been nursing a crush on her for some time, has chosen this night to make his true feelings known.

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