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The Daily Lives of High School Boys Manga Volume 1 Review

The Daily Lives of High School Boys Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Kelly

When hearing the title The Daily Lives of High School Boys your mind immediately goes to slice-of-life since it’s literally a slice of the lives of high school boys. The Daily Lives of High School Boys by Yasunobu Yamauchi is a manga divided into chapters, there are no formal introductions to the characters and each chapter is a different story that introduces new characters. The main cast includes friends Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori.

The stories in this manga are genuinely funny and creative. One of the best stories in this manga is in the 1st chapter when Tadakuni tries on a skirt and bra while pretending to be a sensual schoolgirl then proceeds to get beat up by Yoshitake’s sister whose clothes he was wearing. There are plenty of antics throughout the manga to keep the reader entertained but also remind them of their time as a mischievous teenager.

Pg 11, Tadakuni acting like a coy school girl. (The Daily Lives of High School Boys Volume 1, pg 11.)

One of the best features in the manga has to be the structure of the chapters and individual stories. Due to each chapter being a different story you can start anywhere in the book, none of the stories build on each other as well which means you do not have to remember things or go back and read to understand a reference. Another feature about this manga that I enjoyed was the relatability of the characters. Normally in manga the characters have some unusual or enhanced feature, the main characters in this manga are perfectly normal retable high school boys. Having that feeling of relatability really helped with the humor and understanding of the stories as these are things that could happen to you, which at least for me, made me feel more involved with the story. We have all had moments where we got caught doing something embarrassing, wrongly assumed a friend is dating someone, or embarked on the never ending teenage quest of getting a romantic partner. Overall I would recommend this book as a light read for someone who is looking for a laugh thrown in with some relatability.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys Manga Volume 1

In this slice-of-life comedy, high schoolers Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori tackle the wacky and awkward situations they’re thrown into in their everyday lives! The trio do everything a normal group of high school boys would do. They play games, they tell ghost stories, and they even…wear skirts?! There’s no shortage of witty one-liners in this knee-slapping series!

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