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The Art Of Steven Universe The Movie Art Book Review

The Art Of Steven Universe The Movie Art Book Review

-Written by: Devlen & Angie


Well Crewniverse fans, the wait is over, The Art of Steven Universe The Movie Art Book review is HERE! Grab your together breakfast, crank up your favorite Steven Universe song and take a journey with me through this fantastic art book.

The Art of Steven Universe The Movie Art Book begins with a bit of inspiration Rebecca Sugar experienced when starting the production of the movie pitch. She mentioned how her phone wanted to “restore” itself back to the factory settings while traveling in Japan, which in return, lost priceless photos and poems. Although this incident is very tragic, it did help her come up with the theme of the movie.

Throughout the art book, we see how the creators and designers’ formed their ideas and revised them during development. It is really interesting seeing the comparison, especially if you are a fan of character design and storyboarding. Don’t worry, they included a section about Steven’s new Future design and his neck.

One section I thought was phenomenal and beautifully illustrated was for the song “Drifting Away.” When I first saw this performance, I was speechless with tears flowing down my cheeks. Revisiting the performance and seeing the hard work and attention to detail put into the storyboards made me feel like I was watching it all over again.

The art book does a fantastic job of giving longtime fans more insight on how much thought and care goes into each detail and scene. From the side notes about how the characters will react and the gentle transition of the scenes, this art book won’t disappoint! Overall, I highly recommend this art book to any fan of the series, especially for those in the Spinel fandom!


When I saw that an art book for Steven Universe: The Movie was coming out, my curiosity was piqued. I wanted to see what kinds of things didn’t make it into the movie and learn more about the antagonist – Spinel. I am happy to say that the art book delivered!

First, regarding the designs for Spinel, several sketches and designs are included. It’s easy to see the evolution of her look as it goes from something closer to Pink Diamond and evolves into a more independent design with pigtails. I was surprised to see that Spinel’s hair was originally just one large heart! I loved seeing the changes the designers decided on and what they played around with. For example, one image in particular really reminds me of Mickey Mouse – Spinel’s stance and even the buttons on her shorts conjure strong images of the iconic character. And it’s no surprise - since the creator of Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar, mentions her love of early animation from the 30s in the art book as well.

Second, I wanted to find out more about Spinel’s heartbreaking song “Drifting Away.” I didn’t think an art book would provide this information, but I was wrong! I don’t read a lot about the Cartoon Network cartoons that I watch, so I never knew that Rebecca Sugar was the writer of my favorite Adventure Time song, “Everything Stays.” Something about that song always called to me, and I often sing it on repeat. Rebecca explains the connection between these songs in this art book, and I really feel that I understand both songs even more. It may be a fact already known on the internet, but I really liked reading about it in Rebecca’s own words.

Finally, I want to say that I really appreciated the inclusion of comments from guest animator for Steven Universe, Studio Trigger’s Takafumi Hori. Being able to read a fantastic translation in English as well as the original Japanese text below made me feel that there was close attention to detail and heavy consideration for fans’ expectations.

I highly recommend this art book to fans of Steven Universe and/or Cartoon Network in general.

The Art Of Steven Universe The Movie Art Book

The Art of Steven Universe: The Movie features art designed by Ryan Sands and Rebecca Sugar.

This magical deep-dive into Steven Universe: The Movie is designed by Ryan Sands (Frontier) in conjunction with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar! See preliminary character designs, witness the formation of settings and storyboards, and discover the art that shaped the full-length movie! It’s a new kind of artistic adventure with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and—of course—Steven.

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