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Spring Update from the Right Stuf Vice President/COO

Spring Update from the Right Stuf Vice President/COO

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Happy Wednesday!

I hope this note finds you all well and enjoying the beginning of 2022 significantly more than the past 2 years.

Things have been going pretty well for us here at Right Stuf Anime, but super busy.  While the supply chain continues to be sluggish and frustrating, everything that makes its way to our docks, we put much effort into shipping it as quickly as possible. However, we are running behind at the moment.

We really hate being behind and not meeting or exceeding expectations, but a few challenges continue to plague us.

  • Suppliers are sending some things but a lot of stuff continues to get pushed back. To help provide an example if an older titled manga needs a reprint but the demand for the new stuff is higher, the older one gets pushed down the schedule as all of the printing presses are running above capacity every day.
  • Some suppliers were holding containers because the freight was so high in hopes that it would come down because of course it will cut into their margins. Sadly, freight prices are not going to be coming down any time soon if ever so they have started sending them.
  • Staffing continues to be a bit stressful.  We are recruiting daily to hire additional warehouse staff, but it continues to be a challenge.  So, if you know anyone in our neck of the woods looking for a job, have them check out our open positions here.

We are operating Monday through Friday with 2 shifts, but 2020/2021 took its toll on everyone here, so I’m trying not to push the RS family members into too much overtime.  The Dark Lord and I feel it is extremely important to have downtime with family and friends to re-energize one’s soul.  So, while providing you an update, I’m also hoping that you will help by understanding that we are pushing as hard as we can, but the health and mental well-being of our staff is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to getting your packages out as quickly as possible, we are just needing a little more time and understanding.

We appreciate your patience.


Christine Morgan