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Shed that Skin Ryugasaki-san! Manga Volume 1 Review

Shed that Skin Ryugasaki-san! Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jennifer

To start off I’m going to do a warning; this manga is NOT for everyone. I didn’t love the manga, but I did like it and can overlook some things because of how unique Shed That Skin Ryugasaki-san is. Pssst!! For those of you who are currently in love with the Monster Girl trend, this manga is for you!

The story follows a high schooler who happens to be both a lizard and a girl. With that in mind, she has notable features like a third eyelid, a long tongue, and skin that sheds. Her classmate is a die-hard reptilian fanatic who is fascinated by her and her molted skin to the point of obsession. Witness the day to day life of a lizard girl and the classmate who loves her for who she is!

I appreciate the art, Ryugasaki’s eyes are beautifully drawn, and I do like learning what it would be like for a half-human half-lizard to live in human society. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to have a bunch of fan service, awkward situations, and it’s a 4koma (mini-stories) instead of an actual plot. So if you know what you’re getting into and you like the above things I mentioned, then go for it!

Yugami-kun sure does have a particular interest in reptiles. Do you also see what I mean about the beautiful artwork of Ryugasaki-san’s eyes?

Shed that Skin Ryugasaki-san! Manga Volume 1

Ryugasaki-san is a lizardgirl. Her tongue is like that of a chameleon's, her hands are like that of a gecko's, and she even has a third eyelid! Due to her unique biological makeup, she sheds her skin multiple times a year. This wouldn't ordinarily be an issue, but she suddenly finds herself (or rather, her skin) the target of a classmate's affections.

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