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Seven Days Monday-Sunday Manga Review

Seven Days Monday-Sunday Manga Review

-Written by: Quinn

Is seven days really enough time to fall in love? First-year Toji Seryo certainly seems to think so. He’s even garnered a reputation at school; Seryo will only say “Yes” to the first girl who asks him out on Mondays. However, on the following Sunday, all of his previous girlfriends are told, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t fall for you. Let’s break up.” After hearing the rumors third-year Yuzuru Shino’s curiosity gets the best of him, and on a whim he tests if Seryo will indiscriminately say “Yes” to anyone.

I have been waiting to get my hands on Seven Days Monday-Sunday ever since its unofficial license rescue announcement from Viz almost one full year ago. This story is top notch and chock full of authenticity – I just love everything about it so much! Seven Days has one of the most naturally built relationships I’ve ever found in manga, and for those who tend to steer clear from reading boys’ love stories, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Displays of affection never go any further than kissing, and the main focus is on the evolution of a budding romance first and foremost.

Most impressive to me is that this story is told in the span of just seven days – over the course of just one week. Let that sink in. The chapter titles help to keep track of time’s passage, and considering that nothing feels rushed and everything wraps up at the end, it’s quite the accomplishment by author Venio Tachibana. I am always in awe of writers who can pull off real-time narratives well. It’s also helpful that the cast is kept to a handful of characters. You get to know each individual of the supporting cast just enough while the leads’ personalities effortlessly bring their stories to life through their dialogue with one another.

Seryo and Shino’s interactions are really what shine and are the icing on the cake. Both guys are the “pretty boys” in their classes, but looks can be deceiving. Their expressions, body language, and conversations are all presented so naturally. Shino says what’s on his mind and acts impulsively while Seryo is thoughtful and easy to read. When the two are together, their personalities play off of each other, fitting together like a well-crafted jigsaw puzzle. Even though their relationship has a dubious start, they come to understand one another, relish being in each other’s company, and end up finding what I think is many couples feel lucky to find in their own relationships: their best friend.

Seven DaysMonday-Sunday is a feel-good story at its core, and once you’ve turned that last page, I hope you too find yourself staring off into space, picturing that final manga panel, and simply soaking in the feels.

Seven Days Monday-Sunday Manga

The rules were clear: they could date for a week. But someone forgot to tell love! On a whim, high school third-year Yuzuru Shino asks out first-year Toji Seryo, who is notorious for being a weeklong lover—he’ll date the first girl to ask him out Monday morning and then promptly dump her by the following Monday! The boys start dating, and by Tuesday, the first inklings of attraction hit. Can Seryo put words to his feelings before Monday comes, or are old dating habits too hard to break?

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