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Oh Tama! A Mejiro Novel Review

Oh Tama! A Mejiro Novel Review

-Written by: Karissa

Oh Tama! is a funny novel about Tama, a very pregnant stray cat, and Natsuyuki, the human who takes her in. Tama gets to observe Natsuyuki’s hectic life and dealings with his eccentric family and friends. Together they get learn about life and the connections that make it worth living.

As an avid manga reader, I was happy to get the opportunity to read a novel for once. This is part of the "Meijiro" series of novels written by Mieko Kanai, which I haven't read, but I didn’t have a problem getting into the story. How can you when the cat is a main character? Kanai does a good job characterizing Tama. The way the author describes her and the way she acts reminded me of my own cat. However, I found that the plot jumped around too much and became difficult to follow. Because of this, I had a hard time connecting to the supporting characters. But then there would be a funny moment and I would be pulled back into the story again.

Overall, I would recommend this book. The plot can be hard to follow, but the humor and Tama always kept me reading to the end. If there is ever sequel, I’ll give it a try.

Oh Tama! A Mejiro Novel

A "fast and comedic novel," Oh, Tama! plays out against a backdrop of cramped apartments and cheap food and drink where everyone seems to have an opinion on film, photography, and fashionable French art theory. It is part of the author's esteemed series of "Meijiro" novels, named after the northwest area of Tokyo that so richly informs their urbanity and outlook.

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