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Nozomi Titles Spotlight

Nozomi Titles Spotlight

-Written by: Jake

Can’t decide on what to pick up from Nozomi Entertainment? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a helpful list of titles for you to consider! Let’s get things started.

Please Teacher

Who would have thought that a UFO landing on Earth would lead to a catastrophic set of events? Meet Mizuho, a 24 year old half-earthling, sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation to observe life. Kei, an 18 year old student, happens to see the UFO land and observes from afar. From here on, their fates are forever intertwined. The next day, Kei is surprised to find out that one his teachers IS the alien! Oh man, can things get any crazier?

Martian Successor Nadesico

Earth is under attack from an alien threat, and their military can’t stop it. What do you do? Well, build your own battleship and team of course! Nergal, an independent arms manufacturer, puts together the best team they can manage to pilot their new battleship called The Nadesico. But with the war raging on, not a lot of candidates are left to pilot the newly made battleship. So, who do they find? A pacifist fry cook turned mecha pilot named Akito and the admiral’s daughter, Yurika. Can they handle the alien threat!? Well, you’re going to have to find that out yourself.

Yakitate Japan

Food Wars? How about “Bread Wars”! What I’m talking about is Yakitate Japan! Yakitate Japan follows Kazuma Azuma and his dream of creating the ultimate Ja-pan (a type of bread). Not only that, he wants it to represent Japan itself! (Ja-pan is also a play on words. The literal translation would be: Japanese Bread). Kazuma is also gifted with the legendary “Hands of the Sun” which give him unnaturally warm hands thus he can ferment dough faster. With his powers, he intends to put them to use in the Pantasia Rookie Competition! Bread will be #1!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

We can’t cover Nozomi picks without mentioning Revolutionary Girl Utena. After meeting a traveling prince as a child, Utena is determined to be a prince herself. The prince leaves her with a mysterious ring engraved with a rose crest and bids her farewell, saying they’ll meet again someday. Years later, she attends Ootori Academy, where she is drawn into a dangerous game of duels. Everyone is competing for one thing, the Rose Bride. Revolutionary Girl Utena is filled to the brim with symbolism all combined into its coming-of-age narrative. A must watch!

Aria The Animation

You won’t find another show more slice of life than this. Aria The Animation follows the story of Akari and her life dream of becoming an Udine (a gondolier/tour guide) in Neo-Venezia, a city on planet Aqua, formerly known as Mars. Most episodes are framed with narration taken from emails written by Akari to her pen pal on Manhome, Ai. If you’re looking for a very relaxed and comfy show, Aria The Animation is the go to.

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