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Now Loading....! Volume 1 Review

Now Loading....! Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Liv

Now Loading…! Is a simple one-shot shoujo ai (often called Yuri, although Now Loading…! definitely focuses more on the fluffy romantic side of things than the sexual) manga by Mikanuji.

Takagi is a hardworking girl who has just landed her dream job working at a mobile game studio. It doesn’t take long for things to go wrong, however. When her game is in danger of being shut down and her career is at a crossroads, Takagi ends up working for the legendary game designer, Sakurazuki Kaori. Kaori isn’t just any game designer, she is Takagi’s idol, and as the two of them struggle with their feelings for one another - can they keep the workplace professional?

This was a very quick read that I think longtime fans of the genre will definitely enjoy, but everybody should check out! Within the 5 chapters is a very short and sweet love story that also gives the reader a tiny peek into what working in the mobile game industry is like. What this manga lacks in length, it makes up for in character development. I was astounded by how much backstory and worldbuilding was contained in just 5 chapters. You get a really good feel for the personalities, motivations, and relationship of all 5 girls.For something wholesome, fun, and quick I highly recommend checking out Now Loading...!

Now Loading...! Manga

Takagi just started her dream job at a gaming company! Not only that, but she’ll be working for her idol, the famous game designer Sakurazuki Kaori! When Takagi finally meets her hero, she’s in for a shock: Sakurazuki is harsh, blunt, and better at playing video games than dealing with people. As Takagi and Sakurazuki work together, the two women grow closer and even fall in love. Can they keep it professional, or will the whole workplace find out?

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