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NieR Automata World Guide Artbook Volume 1 (Hardcover) Review

NieR Automata World Guide Artbook Volume 1 (Hardcover) Review

-Written by: Andrew

The world is abandoned, in shambles, filled with ruins of a time long passed, but oddly beautiful in some places. This is the Earth in NieR Automata. Square Enix did a very good job compiling together art and lore for the “NieR Automata World Guide Artbook Volume 1”.

I will say upfront, it does feel more like a game guide book than your traditional artbook. It begins and ends with short stories written by Jun Eishima that give you some insight into the characters of the game. There are many simplistic overhead maps reminiscent of those in a guide book; these maps portray the main areas shown in the game. There are also pages that depict the roles and characteristics of many of the characters in the game, from the main characters to the bosses. These pages can get very detailed, even going down to eye color and waist size.

A good chunk of the pictures and images in this book are from the game itself. These images usually show important game mechanics, fights, or in-game models. There are still quite a few sketches and concepts strewn throughout the pages, often showcasing landscapes or ruins of former cities. The full spreads of the landscapes have a paragraph explaining the importance or a description of the location alongside the image. Looking through this book, you see so many different locations. Most of these places have very earthy and washed out colors; this is why my favorite location to look at is the Abandoned Amusement Park. It is full of color and lights and has an overall festive mood, even if it is abandoned. Don’t get me wrong, the pastel greens and browns of the other locations are outstanding in their own right, especially when paired with sunlight and deep shadows like in the Forest Kingdom. There is also an alien ship location in there for good measure. It is very cool to see the concept art alongside the models as it gives a good understanding of the different levels of design that go into these assets.

My overall thoughts of this book are positive. This is a book that I would proudly have on my shelf at home. I would say that if you have played the game you would get more out of this book than someone who hasn’t, but it is still fun for those who haven’t. If you are looking for a traditional art book filled with nothing but sketches and hand drawn artwork this is not the art book for you. If you are looking for a compilation of in-game images, concept art, lore, and an almost behind the scenes feel, then this is the book you need to pick up.

NieR Automata World Guide Artbook Volume 1 (Hardcover)

Step into the boots of a YoRHa combat android and discover the world of NieR: Automata from a firsthand perspective! Square Enix brings you 192 pages of art, lore, and exploration collected into a fantastic full-color hardcover volume in English for the very first time! Whether locked in open combat, zipping through the air on a flying mech, or bonding with nature through the indigenous fauna, NeiR: Automata captivated players through a genre-bending blend of action and adventure. Now, journey through this unique and ruined world, discovering its each and every intricacy with the NieR: Automata World Guide!

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