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Monster and the Beast Manga Volume 1 Review

Monster and the Beast Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Quinn

I’m now convinced that there’s nothing quite as scary as a posh, middle-aged man who’s horny. Overall Monster And The Beast Manga Volume 1 is a good mix of interesting characters, a tight story hook, and the equivalent of a dog who just wants to hump your leg! The story and its characters are sweet, naïve, cute, and…a bit creepy. Resident “ugly” monster of the forest, Cavo, is the one who provides the sweet and naïve, while the human traveler who’s just passing through, Liam, provides the human eye-candy all while being unabashedly upfront about his ridiculously high sex drive.

Regardless of the species… Dude… That’s just plain creepy.

Liam is so nonchalant about this. WHY!? Why go there…? Not that I shouldn’t have expected this, but I really do have no idea what to make of Liam’s dubious policies when it comes to his sex life. That whole angle is just awkward. As an aside, I’ve also read Beauty and the Beast Girl. While that story also features a monster and human pairing I think the main difference, for me, is that in Beauty and the Beast Girl the monster has a very humanoid body. Meanwhile, Cavo in Monster and the Beast is definitely a very large monster with a huge body. (How would sex even work, Liam!? Really?) Plus Cavo doesn’t transform…at least not yet…so imagining any future kinky scenes as is…let’s just leave it at awkward. Ahem.

Throwing all that horny awkwardness aside… I actually do like the underlying plot which in and of itself is pretty interesting. Cavo and Liam spend a good amount of time in each other’s company traveling through Cavo’s forest, and it’s within these chapters that you come to realize how sweet Cavo’s personality is as his naivety is just so dang cute! Liam obviously enjoys teasing Cavo about his lack of basic worldly knowledge, but Liam never crosses the line into bullying his monster companion. Since the two build their relationship while traveling, it’s super easy to see how Cavo comes to love Liam in a few weeks’ worth of time. Once the two reach civilization, it becomes apparent that Liam is hiding something. He’s actually being chased by an unknown entity, which adds the hook of an extra layer of suspense. Meanwhile Cavo also doesn’t want to leave his new friend, but he would stick out like a sore thumb among the humans of the town, so he enters it by hiding in Liam’s shadow. Once in the village Cavo, who’s become very possessive of Liam, has a really hard time accepting Liam’s wandering ladies-man lifestyle.

Monster And The Beast Manga Volume 1 is a unique combination of traits which has left me on the fence after this first volume. I’m curious enough to want to read more. However, if there’s one thing that I’m certain of, it’s that Liam definitely deserves his moniker in the title: The Beast. Poor Cavo doesn’t stand a chance.

Monster and the Beast Manga Volume 1

Solitary Cavo is a hideous monster with a pure heart. Liam, on the other hand, might look like a gentleman, but he's a beast on the inside, warped personality and all. When Liam ends up in an unfortunate situation in the haunted woods Cavo calls home, it's the monster to the rescue! After the close call, Liam extends a more-than-friendly hand to Cavo and leads the innocent monster out of the woods...and astray?!

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