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Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works Artbook (Hardcover)

Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works Artbook (Hardcover)

-Written by: Matthew DeFelice

A perennial fan-favorite, it is hard to imagine a time when Zero was not a playable character. Debuting in the original Mega Man X, it wasn’t until Mega Man X3 (1995) that Zero received his playable debut, and, in 2002, when he finally received his own title. The Zero-starring spin-off series, Mega Man Zero (MMZ), would become a cult favorite within the fanbase. With previous Capcom Complete Works already released and well-received, Udon has the bar set high for themselves. Do they deliver?

Mega Man Zero Complete Works covers all four games in the MMZ series. All of the concept and promotional artwork featuring the series’ gorgeous, unique style are on full display. Although packaged and sold as a complete collection of the various artwork found within the games, it does itself a bit of a disservice. This is more of a guide to the MMZ universe.

The book opens with cover and other product artwork that covers the story and background of the series, but after that, the book is organized not by game entry, but by character types. These sections start with main characters and work their way through boss and enemy types. The amount of content in the latter sections is astounding. In-game screenshots, descriptions, and official artwork are included for every enemy encountered throughout the series; I can see fans sifting through data and descriptions far after the purchase date. The book ends with rough sketches, a special interview with the developers, artwork and listings for the Japanese exclusive MMZ collectable card release, and dozens of other additional works.

The layout itself is clear and concise with sections being easy to find, follow, and read. I never once felt that the artwork on display was being forced onto a page. On top of that, the colors and design match the art direction of the series itself perfectly. The collection features a high degree of professionalism from beginning to end.

Compared to even Udon’s previous Capcom Complete Works releases, this stands out as possibly their best work thus far. From product and in-game artwork to series data and bonuses, Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works lives up to its name and more. Udon delivers and raises the bar even higher for their inevitable next release, one I will be eagerly anticipating.

Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works Artbook (Hardcover)

Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works Artbook features art by Capcom.

The Mega Man Zero series is a fan-favorite Mega Man spin-off known for it's exciting gameplay, stellar character designs, and engaging story.

Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works collects the unique artwork of the series, and is filled with character designs, concept sketches, location artwork, key visuals, item charts, creator interviews, and more! A must-have for all video game fans and inspired artists!

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