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Love In Focus Manga Volume 1 Review

Love In Focus Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jocelyn

A new manga with great potential showed up on my radar this month. Love in Focus immediately caught my eye with the familiar art style of Yoko Nogiri, the creator of another favorite manga That Wolf-Boy is Mine!

Now with her new series, Nogiri ventures into an all new love story rotating around a young girl named Mako Mochizuki. Mako gains her love for photography through her late grandfather, and journeys to a new city to join a photography club at a local high school. The story invites you in and places you straight into Mako’s shoes as if you were to play her character. The art is immersive and feels like it surrounds you in every direction. Each panel effortlessly flows into the next while the pacing helps to shift Mako’s day to day life in motion.

As Mako moves into the “Photography club’s dorm” alongside Kei, her best friend from childhood, she also meets a few new faces. Although the first volume is only a hundred-some pages, Yoko Nogiri expertly establishes personalities for each of the main characters. I’ve never thought a love story could possibly end on such a high note, but I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens in volume 2 of Love in Focus. I will definitely keep this series on my radar and eagerly await for the next volume in May.

If you enjoy dramatic love stories like My Love Story, Waiting For Spring, Love & Lies, or if you’re familiar with Yoko Nogiri’s other work, That Wolf-Boy is Mine!, I would highly recommend this series to you.

Love In Focus Manga Volume 1

Mako’s always had a passion for photography. When she loses someone dear to her, she clings onto her art as a relic of the close relationship she once had…Luckily, her childhood best friend Kei encourages her to come to his high school and join their prestigious photo club. With nothing to lose, Mako grabs her camera and a fresh take on life - plus a mysterious new muse - and everything begins to come into focus!

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