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Living-Room Matsunaga-San Manga Volume 1 Review

Living-Room Matsunaga-San Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Liv

I have to admit...I’m notorious for loving, binging, and obsessing over cliche-filled shojo series, and that is exactly how I would describe Living-Room Matsunaga-san. Shy and naive highschooler Miko Sonoda finds herself living in her uncle’s boarding house, surrounded by a bizarre cast of young, professional 20-somethings, including the reserved and stoic Matsunaga-san. As Miko struggles to adapt to adult life, she also struggles with her growing feelings for Matsunaga.

Pretty typical, right? With a concept that has been explored countless times, I still enjoyed every minute spent reading Living-Room Matsunaga-san. I’m not usually a huge fan of age-gap romances, but the small interactions between our main couple were just so sweet and wholesome, I couldn’t help but root for Miko as she fell for Matsunaga. I’m also personally a huge fan of couple dynamics where one seems stoic and cold, until they open up to the other, and then you find out they are actually a dorky cinnamon roll.

The ensemble cast isn’t quite as wacky as other boarding-house-centric rom-coms I’ve read (I’m looking at you, Maison Ikkoku), but I can tell their stories will be explored further in future volumes, and I’m looking forward to getting fully introduced to these characters as time goes on.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Living-Room Matsunaga-san to anybody looking for cute art, fuzzy feelings, and a comedic cast brimming with potential. This introductory volume wasn’t totally original, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable read for any shojo or romance lover.

Living-Room Matsunaga-San Manga Volume 1

After her parents leave to care for her ailing grandmother, high schooler Miko “Meeko” Sonoda moves into her uncle’s boarding house. There, she meets its rather unusual residents, including the oldest of the bunch: the grumpy mother hen Matsunaga-san. With the help of her housemates, Meeko begins to adjust to her new life away from her parents, but Meeko soon learns that no matter how far away from home she is, she’s still a young girl at heart - especially when she finds herself falling for Matsunaga-san.

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