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Kingdom Of Z Manga Volume 1 Review

Kingdom Of Z Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jennifer

This manga is EXACTLY what you would expect. Hot trash. The king of trash you love and worship, but you know not many other people could say the same. This reminded me so much of Highschool of the Dead and High-Rise Invasion, where it was sexy while at the same time overpowered female characters in an apocalyptic world fighting zombies!

The story is being told through the eyes of your average high school guy, Masaru, who is barely managing to survive the zombie apocolypse. As he hides in a locker he sees two crazy high school girls beating the living daylight out of zombies. Astonished by what he sees and afraid to be alone, he joins our two main girl characters without realizing what their true motives are. cough It’s as the title of this manga suggests — okay, I won’t spoil more.

I really love zombie apocalypses so this story is my bread and butter. I can overlook so many of the flaws because I still heavily enjoyed the story. But I can’t overlook how the male main character is unbelievably weak and useless. I swear he’s so bad it’s as if he maxed out his luck skill! While it may not be as super serious as other zombie apocalypse titles, I still found it to be an enjoyable, gruesome, and hilarious read!

Masaru experiences different obstacles while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. He is eventually aided by people who are much better equipped for his new reality (Kingdom of Z Manga Volume 1)

Kingdom of Z Manga Volume 1

Five days after a sudden and devastating zombie attack, Masaru is barely managing to survive by hiding out at his high school. Suddenly, he is rescued by two beautiful high school girls: Sekigahara Miki and Nagiri Karin. But what are their real motives…?

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