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King of Eden Manga Volume 1 Review

King of Eden Manga Volume 1 Review

-Written by: Jennifer and Will


King of Eden has a rare, chilling, and realistic element where you actually feel like you’re witnessing something straight out of a horror movie. I noticed this manga is seemingly underground, with its MyAnimeList.com entry being virtually unknown. I’m glad I picked up a rare gem such as this. Now it’s my goal to convince you to give King of Eden a try.

It starts off with some security guards, doing their normal patrolling duties, when they noticed something strange. Their village seemed too lifeless, too eerie, and they went to further investigate until they saw something they shouldn’t have. They saw one man, many bodies, and the start of a revolution between humans and man-beast zombies. The only person who knows this man’s identity is his old classmate who tries to locate him while also uncovering the truth behind this horrific virus.

I read this while on a road trip and I ate up every moment and every chapter with delight. It’s not a “poof there’s zombies” type of story. There’s not an overwhelming outbreak and the story goes into depth on how the mutants came to be and what the core source is. The main character, Teze Yoo, is an anti-hero, which I love because he doesn’t seem to be going out of his way to save people involved nor is he telling other people about what’s really going on. I definitely recommend giving it a read if you want a thrilling ride!

Teze Yoo's grand intorduction (King of Eden Manga Volume 1, pg. 24).


I remember when this was first listed as coming out in January, then month by month it kept getting delayed. Considering how mysterious the plot description was, I had no idea what the reason could be. Then while I was reading it, I found out that a major plot point was a terrorist group using an ancient virus to cause pandemics. Yeah, earlier this year would have been a bad time.

Looking past current events, King Of Eden turned out not to be my thing. It played out like a horror b-movie you might have found in a drive-in theater back in the mid-20th century. That translates to bits of cool action that audiences want to see interspersed with long scenes of people talking exposition. That’s because there’s a lot of moving pieces that run the gamut from archaeological discoveries to gangster warfare to political intrigue. Oh, and a virus that turns people into a zombie-werewolf hybrid. So you end up with long scenes of characters having to explain a lot.

But when the story slows down and focuses on visuals over dialogue the book shines. The illustrations become moody and ominous, and the visual storytelling is top notch. I should also point out that the entire first chapter is in color. When does that ever happen? I have to say that it's refreshing to read a manga with human characters that look like actual humans. The action is fun in a pulpy sort of way. It’s bloody and with a high body count, which is what most people picking up this manga are looking for. I won’t spoil the monster designs, but they are pretty creepy. If you’re looking for something to turn your brain off and enjoy some pulp horror, this is the manga for you. Other manga choices that I prefer are School Live! and I Am A Hero.

King of Eden Manga Volume 1

A remote village massacred in Andalusia. A single man apprehended wading through the aftermath. But the killer they've brought down from the mountains is entirely impossible for them to contain...

The world has been stained by blood before. So it shall be again.

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