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Kadokawa Corporation and Right Stuf Anime Partnership

Kadokawa Corporation and Right Stuf Anime Partnership

-Written by: Right Stuf Anime

Kadokawa Corporation and Right Stuf, Inc. Announce Partnership To Sell Licensed Animation Goods In The US and Canada

Grimes, IA, January 08, 2020 — One of Japan's leading publishing companies, Kadokawa Corporation, and anime distributor Right Stuf, Inc. announced their partnership to import licensed animation goods from Japan to sell to customers in the US and Canada.

As anime continues to increase in popularity in North America, the ever-increasing demand for high quality merchandise goods, figures, collectibles, and more has not been met with enough options to satisfy customer needs.

“With new programming each season, customers have been unable to access goods from the latest shows. This is a great opportunity to connect fans with the products they’ve been looking for,” said Right Stuf, Inc. President Shawne Kleckner. “We’re happy to partner with Kadokawa to fill that void.”

"We are very excited to see Right Stuf carrying our products," said Teruyoshi Andou, Deputy Director of the IP Strategy Division at Kadokawa. "This agreement allows us to reach even more fans in North America and should enable customers to get their hands on our latest product releases faster than ever before."

Fans can find listings for products at rightstufanime.com/KADOKAWA.

About Kadokawa Corporation

Kadokawa Corporation operates in a wide range of businesses related to publishing, television programming, motion pictures, licensing, digital content production and development, network entertainment services, and video-sharing community service management. The company aims to solidify itself as one of the world's leading media publishers by fully embracing a digital transformation strategy that reinforces the strength of our diverse IPs and further expands our media outreach.


About Right Stuf, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Right Stuf, Inc. is among North America’s largest distributors and retailers in the anime and manga marketplace. One of the industry’s original pioneers, Right Stuf operates one of the trade’s most recognized Internet storefronts, rightstufanime.com. Right Stuf also works in a variety of media vehicles including video streaming, podcasts, and special publications. Included under the Right Stuf corporate umbrella is print publisher Right Stuf On-Demand and video production label Nozomi Entertainment.

Visit www.rightstufanime.com for additional information.