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High Rise Invasion Manga Omnibus 1 Review

High Rise Invasion Manga Omnibus 1 Review

-Written by: Clif

High Rise Invasion is nightmare scenario that the characters cannot wake up from. A thriller that will have your mind racing thousands of feet in the sky.

The main character Hanjo Yuri, an average High school student, woke up from a daydream to find herself trapped in a room with a masked man armed with an axe. This masked man was clearly not there to help her as she witnessed him murder a man right in front of her eyes. Running away was the only logical thing for Hanjo-San to do! She runs for her life in a unfamiliar building but something is very odd. All of the stairwells that lead to the bottom floor are blocked off with a notice that reads “Ground Level Access Prohibited” the only place for her to go is up. She makes her way to the rooftop only to be greeted by another plot twist. Hanjo Yuri is not in Tokyo anymore! She is stuck in a world of endless skyscrapers, narrow rope bridges, and masked psychopaths.

High Rise Invasion is pure Survivalist Horror! It reminds me of Doubt or Judge minus the setup scenes showing normal life. This manga throws you right into the action. Hanjo-San must decide if she is going to fight for her life or end it by jumping to her death. After a conversation with her older brother Oniichan she makes the decision to fight. She and her brother seem to be extremely close and the simple fact of knowing that he’s alive gives Honjo-San the courage she needs to survive.

This manga is full of twists and turns, Hanjo-San’s inner monologue, and some side characters sprinkled in the mix because someone’s got to die! There are also hints to a larger plot explaining how this skyscraper world exists and why.

When you wipe away the blood High Rise Invasion is a coming of age story. Hanjo-San finds the strength to save herself and become a moral hero in this chaotic cutthroat world. Once you start this thriller you won’t be able to put it down. In this omnibus edition you get the first two volumes of the series. If you are into Horror pick up a copy of High Rise Invasion today!

High Rise Invasion Manga Omnibus 1

On the roof of a high-rise building, a young girl named Yuri witnesses a masked figure split a man’s head open with an axe! It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for a high-schooler, but things only get weirder from there. Yuri soon finds herself in a strange world of skyscrapers with only two options for escape—fight past the mysterious masked figures or leap to her death!

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